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April 11, 2022
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October 6 in melbourne (australia) will be held another fight evening ufc. The main event will be a unifying battle for the title of the cembion of the current champion of the temporary title of israel adezan. Read more in material.

H1: Israel Adezan Against Robert Whitaker: Championship Fight ON UFC 243
Content: 1. Robert whittaker —israel adezan: forecast for ufc 2432. Robert whitaker adeza: a gift for lovers hadic. Showman israel adezan, whittaker – a car

Robert whittaker —israel adexia: forecast for ufc 243

After the departure of george saint-pierre from the sport, the champion belt in the the the mind of the weather went to australian robert whittacher, who at that time wore a temporary title, mined them in a duel against cuban joel romero in 2017. A year later, the fighter had to protect his title in revenge. But the opponent did not invested in weight, and the meeting lost status «title». Year australian was absent, but on october 6 will return to conduct protection at home.

Pretty sure @robwhittakermma will want to visit @melbourne every weekend after this pre- # ufc243 barcade session ???????????? #visitmelbourne pic.Twitter.Com / swxhpjn8ee

— ufc aus / new zealand (@ufc_ausnz)
september 26, 2019

If you are accustomed to dominance in mma brazilians and americans, then in the middle of the weight of everything is different in different walks. Gsp – canadian, and the upcoming championship fight robert whitaker israel adezan – this is the opposition of oceania. Robert – australian, israel – new zelandets. Interestingly also the fact that the last, in fact, is «prospect» in ufc and newcer in a big game. At the same time «the last stylebender» older for two years of his visa.

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Robert whitaker adeza: a gift for lovers hadic

Let’s talk a little about the styles of the main characters ufc 243. Both athletes – drumors far from perfection in the parter. And robert whitaker, you can still count five victories conquered after sabmichna, then his opponent for his career in mma won rivals exclusively thans to impacts.

Can you dig it @ bookert5x?

Impressive moves by @stylebender at # ufc243 open workout in melbourne today ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / wnk0qnqgkg

— submission radio (@submissionradio)
october 3, 2019

The reason in the basis of fighters with which the came to mixed martial arts. Australian has a karate, which eventually added thai boxing with bzh, from new zealander – kickboxing, which he diversified with elements from other shock species (taii and classic boxing, taekwondo). Both athletes counselor, but fans can be sure that the main battle on the ufc 243 adexia vs whitaker will be in indecision.

Robert Whitaker Adeza: A Gift for Lovers Hadic

Both love and know how to beat diverse, having an elbow and knees in their arsenal. At the same time, opponents are seriously different from each other by anthropometry. Robert is 10 cm below israel, and the scope of his hands is less than 16 cm. It is easy to assume that «the reaper» will try to reduce the distance, work on floors and try to turn the advantage of the opponent.

Showman israel adezan, whittaker – a car

Despite the fact that robert young than his opponent, for two years, he has significant experience in ufc. Whittakeber debuted in the absolute fight league in 2012 in welterweight. And after two victories, a series of two defeats followed. Soon the australian takes the middle weight (in 2014). From that moment of robert and defeat – these are antonym words.

First session done in the new gym gracie artarmon ! Https: // t.Co / 3euxqxt8sy pic.Twitter.Com / onzvalmyzj

— robert whittaker (@robwhittakermma)

september 22, 2019

Israel debuted in ufc only in february 2018, but his performance amazes. From now on, he already spent 6 fights, 4 last year and two in this. And less than in 2 years from debut he already claims the title of an undeniable champion. It also has the opposite direction: the accusations that he is regular «avenue» organizations that protect and sum up to the title.

Getting out of bed on an israel adesanya fight week like… Pic.Twitter.Com / wht9giohlz

— ufc on bt sport (@btsportufc)
september 30, 2019

What adexan is interesting to white – not surprising. He is a real showman who creates a show both in the ring and beyond. Enough to remember their battle with «spuy» silva – acceptance from kung fu, cartoon rack. New zeladenmans orditane and yapok, whittaker in this respect too straightline. He does not like trustoking and prefers everything to prove in octave, calling himself primarily athlete.

Showman Israel Adezan, Whittaker - Machine

But to miss during the fight itself robert whittecker adezan. When the fight for the the title of champion takes place on his owner’s homeland, it appears an additional stimulus to fight until recent seconds. By the australian is famous, it is enough to remember his latest meetings with yoel romero, each of which lasted all 5 rounds.

But if you summarize everything you know about the meeting of the whittecker adezan, the forecast for the fight will be the following. Chances of winning both are almost equal. Israel above, but robert conguesey. Both perfectly own all the arsenal of strikes. But the current champion is more experienceed and also better owns the struggle than the opponent. This does not mean that the australian will do the emphasis on this, but if it is possible, it will not mind entering a suffocating or pain.

Check out my latest episode of detail on @espn plus. This time we talk about the finishing instints of the last stylebender israel adesanya (@stylebender) what a phenomenal fighter. Check it out guys, it’s up now!!!!!! Pic.Twitter.Com / dkejr5zwq0

— daniel cormier (@dc_mma)
september 30, 2019

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The first three rounds will be held in a competitive control with the exchanges, each of which can each knockout. But the fourth and fifth will show who really deserves the title. In this regard, whittaker has repetedly proved that it can pass the entire distance and pull out the victory in the end. As for assenia, the fight against gastelaum was the first such check, which he with creak, but passed. Will it work out again – let’s see october 6. But what exactly – if israel wins, the title of avenue will have to fall from his shoulders.

With # ufc243 right around the corner i figured i would take a shot at making a poster for one of my favorite fighters at the moment @stylebender pic.Twitter.Com / ulon47qc8u

— jacobfcc (@jacobfcc)
september 23, 2019

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