Isu Organized His “Golden Ball” For Skaters

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April 22, 2022
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The international union of kokscobets (isu) decided to establish an isu skating awards award, which will be awarded athletes and coaches in various nominations. Fans and journalists can vote. More details – in material.

ISU organized his 'golden ball' for skaters
Content: 1. Isu skating awards: nominations2. Isu skating awards: participants

Isu skating awards: nominations

Figure skating is gaining increasingly popular. Grand prix every year collects more and more viewers, like commercial ice shows, and the athletes themselves conclude advertising and sponsorship contracts with large brands. The issue of establishing a special premium in the type that existed in football was a matter of time. Here and isu realized that time came.

The isu skating awards 2020 will be divided into four nominations:

  • Best newcerer («best novice»);
  • Most valueble skater («the most valuable skater»);
  • Best costume («best suit»);
  • Most entertaining program («entertaining program»).

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Isu skating awards: participants

Now in each nomination there are a large number of surnames, in each of them there are athletes from russia. Interestingly, in addition to hairstyle, there are both votes in each section of the voting. Such a decision found a positive response far from all fans of figure skating, which considered that the best idea would be divided men, women and couples. In particular, it concerns the nomination «best suit».

In section «best novice» on the site from russian women and russians, you can vote for alexander trussov, alain kozotnaya, anna shcherbakov, makara ignatova and a couple anastasia mishina / alexander galymov. In addition to russian athletes, there is only korean yong korean.

Best novice

In nomination «the most valuable skater» at once 20 athletes. Russia is represented by alina zagitova, evgenia medvedev, alain korsna, alexander stepanova / ivan bukin, victoria sinitsyn / nikita katsalapov, alexander boykova / dmitry kozlovsky, evgenia tarasova / vladimir morozov.

«Best suit» and «entertaining program» have now in the asset most applicants – 52 single rooms or pairs.

Voting in nominations will be held from december 1, 2019 to february 102020. March 10 will be a famous short list with nominees (in each category there will be three participants), and the award ceremony itself will take place on the first number of the same month in montreal. On this day, the world championship will end.

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