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April 19, 2022
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Announced schedule x019, which will be held on friday. Organizer – microsoft – believees that the event has the potential to become a major inside xbox 2019.


Users expect from the events of the announcements of new games, presentations, as well as new products from xbox game pass.

The event is scheduled for november 14-16. In the process, the developers of 10 xbox game studios commands will present game news and sprinkle on already existing popular games.

Fans will be able to learn more about minecraft dungeons, age of empires 4, microsoft flight simulator, sea of ​​thieves, bleeding edge and wasteland 3.

Already on friday, users will be able to hear the announcement from obsidian, as well as view the presentation of the game, which was not previously announced. The organizer also promised to provide more information about the xcloud service.

X019: on the agenda

The full schedule looks like this:

13:30 – a new game will be announced.

14:30 – obsidian will present his announcement.

15:30 – the details of the xcloud service work will be known.

18:30 – presentation of a new supplement for sea of ​​thieves.

19:30 – new bleeding edge game will be known.

20:30 – providing more information about wasteland 3.

According to insider data, all microsoft’s interior studios are busy developing games for a new generation of consoles. Meant 15 teams. Total in operation may be up to four dozen games.

In addition, the media report that the xbox will begin a special episode about midnight.

Recall that russiansebokmeckers believe that cybersport competitions will be able to compete with football matches in terms of popularity among the audience in the next few years.

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