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April 20, 2022
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Italian government plans to reduce the number of online gambling operators with 85 to 50 licenses. It is planned that the goal of the authorities will be achieved for three years.


Data on this and other constraints that are included in the plans of the authorities were published by an italian gambling regulator – agenzia delle dogane e dei monopoli (adm).

It became cnown that the cost of the license for the the the right to provide online gambling services will cost italian operators in €2 million. Permissions will be issued in 2023, and their validity will be nine years. The license cost will be united for already operating market participants who plan to extend the permit and for new operators.

The process of accepting applications for new licenses will begin in 2021, and the permit cost can be repaid by several payments. The first must be at least 50% of the total cost and be paid within 30 days after receiving the license. The residue must be paid no later than 30 days after signing the agreement.

According to the authorities, more thank thousand shot not be presented in the italy market. Slot machines.

The number of video solver terminals will be limited to 58 thousand. Units of the distribution of lottery tickets should not exceed the barrier of 35 thousand. In italy, only 2.8 thousand will be allowed. Halls with slot machines.

The Number Of Video Solver Terminals Will Be Limited to 58 Thousand

Changes were confirmed upon completion of the online licensing process. In february of this year, the gambling regulator issued 70 permissions for online gambling operators. The final amount of licensed issued was much less announced – 120 units. The cost of permits was €200 thousand., what is much less than the cost of new licenses, and their validity period expires december 31, 2022.

Recall that the igor industry of italy has a largely limited. For example, on january 1 of the next year, the law will enter into force, almost completely prohibiting gembling advertising.

In 2018, new tax rules were approved in the country, which suggest raising a rate for gembling companies. From the new year there will also be increased tax on online casino and bingo. Operators undertake to pay 25% of ggr.

Recall that in the industry of online casinos in italy stated a sharp slowdown in income growth.

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