Ivan Kondilenko: “Create A Profitable Online Casino Project Everywhere”

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March 17, 2022
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According to casexe ceo, ivan kondylenko, create a profitable online casino project everywhere, regardless of the physical location of its owner. The expert reported logincasino.Com.

Ivan Kondilenko: 'Create a profitable online casino project everywhere'

«In russia today is not the most favorable conditions for the development of some kinds of gambling industry. But the essence of the online business is just that the de facto operator is not attached to a specific operating region, online casinos can visit players from anywhere in the globe. Create a profitable online casino project everywhere. This is exactly what causes the attitude of the authorities to online gembling, because it is hard to control and monitor. More progressive governments of other countries went by regulating the industry and have long received multimillion revenues in the state treasury», – ivan kondylenko told ivan.

The expert also said that in the report, which he will present within the conference on russian gaming week 2016 in moscow, will talk about how in the current realities to create a profitable online casino.

«In order to build a successful business project online casino, it is not enough to just make a beautiful site and add some games there. The future and current casino operators it is important to pay attention to a number of factors and trends that will determine the success of their business in this area in the near future. We will talk about these factors in moscow: we will touch on the entire chain of project development – from the idea of ​​creating an online casino before its successful functioning», – reported kondilenko.

He also stressed that casexe stands for legalization and regulation of online casino activities in any country in the world.

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