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September 9, 2022
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Jack Entrateter

Casino management becomes a vocation when a person gives out itself to gambling business. Under the guidance of jack entratter, the sands hotel in las vegas turned into a popular place. Surchaged artists. Tourists from all over the country came to their concerts. Suddenly, for all the city in the of the mostst of the desert toured out to be the united states and remains in the.

Imjiguk entrateter
nickname mr. Entertainment
date of birth february 28, 1914
place of birth new york, usa
date of death march 11, 1971
a place of death vegas, nevada, usa

Early years

Jack was born in a jewish family. Back in adolesis, he began to work in frenc casino in miami.

Having reached the age of majority, the young guy got a bouncer in stork club in ny-york. Nightlife had a guy to taste, jack relasively quickly moved through the career ladder. By 1940, he received the post of assistant jules podella in the new nightclub copacabana. A few years later, jack took the place of the director general.

In 1949, entratter received a controlling stake in copacabana nightclub. He continued to manage the institution until july 1952.

Jack easily found a common language with the stars. Thanks to him, such famous artists appeared on the copacabana stage as:

  • Ding martin
  • Jerry lewis
  • Peter lind hays
  • Johnny ray
  • Frankie lane

The manager had a special attitude to women. Almost eve employee jack claimed personally. Thanks to the scrupulsiness, he managed to create a popular copa girls ensemble.

Sands in the middle of the desert

Copacabana’s nightclub actually belonged to mafia. One of the most influential partners was a criminal authority frank kostello. In the 50s, gangsters began to actively invest in las vegas. Casino attracted attention not only to high incomes, but also to waste money.

Partners suggested an experiened manager’s work manager in the gambling institution sands. The official opening of the new casino took place in decept 1952. Luxury hotel at las vegas strip quickly took a leading place in the world of the best resorts of the world. According to rumors, most of the business belonged to mafios meir lanski and joseph stacher.

Las vegas main parties were held in copa room – sands casino concert hall for 385 seats.

For 12 years of work in copacabana jack got the necessary experience and communication. The opening of the resort was sport more than $ 200,000. All guests received memorable chamois bags with silver dollars. At the festival, many stars were noticed, among which the met:

  • Arling dal
  • Fernando lamas
  • Esther williams
  • Terry mur

Copa girl

Nail of any program – 15 of the most beautiful americans. Jack moved the idea with the copa girls ensemble in sands. Then the dancers could only be found in las vegas casino. However, the entratter has changed the rules of the game.

Girls in copa girls are equal as on the selection. Jack had enough strict requirements:

  • Growth – 1.62 m.
  • Weight – up to 53 kg.
  • Bust – 81-86 cm.
  • Waist – 61 cm.
  • Hips – 86 cm.
  • Dark hair.
  • Oval face.

"All you need is a beauty," – advertising copa girls in the magazine.

Models in sands differed not only externally. On the scene of the girl went out in expensive dresses. The total cost of costumes reached $ 12 thousand. ($ 119 thouusand. For 2021). Then these were unheard of production expenses. But other managers followed the examples of the entrutter and began to invest more money in the concert program.

Dance paid much less attention. Girls elegantly moved, posed, smiled and spinning, but about difficult choreography, then no one thougoht. The most concentration of beauty on the same scene. After a few years, the number of participants in the ensemble reached 30, and on one 6-minute speech sport up to $ 20,000.

"I don’t care if they never danced. They are beautiful, and i want beauty, "said jack entratter during casting in copa girls.

Sinatra – main star sands

The most famous voice of las vegas met jack long before his first spech in the "city of sin". In 1951, the american star had a marked decline in his career. Its popularity among young people has decreased markedly. The situation has changed with the release of the film "from now and in the eyelids". After him, frank sinatra received oscar for the role of ordinary angelo majio.

Thanks to the bind luck, jack booked an artist for several years. His first performance in sands took place in a week after the premiere "from now on and forever.". Since then, the sinatra has often appeared in the resort as a chadliner.

In the sands casino, the stars had other privileges. Frank could take an unlimited number of loans, most often the debts were written off.

To attract major artists, entratter offered a system of accumulative points, privileges and a share in the casino. According to rumors, sinatra belonged 2-9%.

Then the mafia had enough money to sift them. Jack’s inner flair suggested to him what dishes and what price tag is better to serve. He introduced free cocktails for players. Later this idea was borrowed by other casinos.

Period of inclusiveness

In the 50s on las vegas strip, they were not particularly happy. Even in demand artists of african origin was forbidden to play a casino or dinner after speaking. Jack entratter under the influence of frank sinatra and sammy davis jr. Changed the situation.

In 1955, netu king kulu was first allowed to stay at the hotel after speaking. The next evening, sinarata arranged a colleague joint dinner at the sands restaurant.

In 1958, sammy davis jr. During a concert will mastin trio insisted that his father and uncle allow them to be present in the hall. Jack entratter made an exception, but refused to let out other dark-skinned guests.

Jack entratter and merlin monroe in sands casino

The turning point occurred in 1961. Frank sinatra witnessed how guards refused to let african american couple. The artist gave them to their guests so those missed. The next day, sammy davis jr. Went to the entratter. After a long conversation, the control casino began not only to let the dark-skinned, but also take that to work.

Sunset career

In the mid-1960 casino sands bought howard hughes for $ 14.6 million. By this time, jack had a share of 12%, but the decision to sell the mafia. The new owner radically changed politics. From the gloramorous place casino began to turn into a family resort. Over time, the popularity of sands began to fade. The cult place was closed in 1996.

Entratter (in the middle) did not drink alcohol, did not make bets and did not smoke cigarettes

Jack died on march 11, 1971 at the age of 57 due to blood hemorrhage. He was remembered as a soft and courteus manager. Mr. Entertainment much personal people who he liked.

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