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January 13, 2022
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Reducing the level of daily gross income from casino in the fist days of 2019 prompted the brokerage company sanford c. Bernstein assume that growth rates in january can demonstrate a negative trend.

January GGR Macau Disappointing Analysts

In the forecast released on monday, january 7, it is reported that ggr ggr growth this month will be insignificant: plus-minus 2% of last year’s indicators.

If the reports were registered so-called negative growth rates, it would be the first time since mid-2016, when the monthly ggr indicator did not increase. In july of the same year, he was mop17.77 billion ($ 2.21 billion), which is 4.5% less than the indicator mop18.62 billion july 2015.

Note in sanford bernstein it is reported that macau casino was registered was registered was registered with ggr in the amount of about mop850 million per day in the first week of this month, which is about the 12% more than in the same period last year. Nevertheless, analysts warn that the total ggr number shold be treated with small skepticism, since weekly checks do not show acsolutely accurate results, and actual numbers can be varying.

According to the broker, other data indicate the constant weakness of the chinese economy. This may mean that small bets will be performed in the macau casino.

The instinet group, specializing in the sale of nomura shares, predicted that this monh ggr will be about the same as a year ago. According to them, it will increase only 5%. In nomura, released on monday, january 7, an estimate of the average daily ggr casino macau – mop850 million. This forecast coincides with the experations of sanford bernstein.

«Ggr per day usually increases about 6–7% over the period from january to february compared with december, which means the daily range of ggr from mop900 million to mop920 million for this period this year. Nevertheless, in febrary, we expect much better indicators than in january», – harry curtis experts write, daniel adam and brian dobson.

Recall: previously analysts expressed the view of the ggr 2018 indicators would slightly grow compared to 2017.

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