Japan Begins Public Advice On Ir Regulation

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April 4, 2022
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Japan began public advice on the rules for regulating the work of integrated resorts (ir), including the country. This will provide residents with the opportunity to express their opinions and put forward proposals on the regulatory system.

Japan Begins Public Advice On Ir Regulation

Consultation, which was initiated on september 3, the ministry of land resources, infrastructure, transport and tourism, aimed at the collection of opinions and comments on the rules approved by the country’s ruling cabinet in march of this year. This will follow the issuance of licensees for the construction of three resort casino.

According to the rules, hotels, conference rooms and exhibition centers should be accommodated in the resorts, and the casino must take no more than thhan of each object. Each resort chalda also include cultural facilities, such as theaters, music halls, cinemas, museums and restaurants.

Althogh visiting gambling establishments will be free for tourists, local residents will have to pay 6000 yen. Persons under the age of 20 years is prohibited to play gambling.

Ir operators will need to receive a license for doing business in a casino, to build it, and then get a permitting document for serving the resort gembling object. Candidates will have to make a comprehensive business plan. It is subst to approval by a special body, which in the future will actually become a national gambling regulator.

Ir operators will have to consult the local population during the construction and development of the resort. They should also submit a plan in which will reflects investment in the region will reflect, as well as the financial benefits for the state budget. The document will be carefully studied as part of the selection process.

IR Operators Will Need To Receive A License

It is also necessary to develop measures to counter potential negative consequences from gambling, such as dependence.

Global plans of the japanese government

This project is part of the initiative to expand the tourist segment in japan. Government goal – to 60 million tourists drove into the country for 2030. After adopting a bill on integrated resorts in july 2018, it is expected that the first facility will work for 2025.

Previously, the experts noted that the goals of japan are sidilar to those who put the singapore government at one time at the stage of the development of the casino-industry.

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