Japan Has Defined Ir Policies

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February 21, 2022
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Japan Has Defined IR Policies

The japanese government finally confirmed its basic policy regarding integrated resorts (ir), including a casino in the country. The final rules retain most of those that were included in the previous project submitted by the japanese tourism agency.

One of the key changes is that now the central government plans to be directly involved in negotiations between local authorities and potential private partners of the resorts. This will happen through the central headquarters of ir-promotion.

Politics also confirms a new schedule for local authorities to submit its proposals to the national government. Applications will be accepted from october 1, 2021 to april 28, 2022. This window for nine montshs lags behind the initial periods of the implementation of the national project due to delay related to the pandemic covid-19.

Source: official website of the ministry of earth, infrastructure, transport and tourism

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