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April 5, 2022
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John Gogan

Making casino rates for many owners – moveton. But that definitely does not touch john gogan. In 91 years he continued to play poker, to own shares in several major casinos. John enjoyed gambling entertainment, although they did not bring significant profits. With age, gogan began to lose more. In business filled with sharks and gangsters, john managed to take possession of almost one third business center las vegas. His main brainchild is the famous el cortez.

Imyjon gogan
nickname jackie
date of birth october 24, 1920
place of birth hastings, nebraska, usa
date of death march 12, 2014
a place of death las vegas, nevada, usa

Early years

Gogan was born in hastings – a town with a tenth of thousands of residents. Most of the childhood went to omaha. Gogan’s father worked as a legal bookmaker in casino chez paree on the outskirts of the city. Jackie shared his love for gambling.

In 1942, gogan married a school friend – robert mei. After the wedding, he entered the university of craton, but he was encouraged to us air force. At first, the young man was sent to a tone – a wucched town without a future in the desert nevada.

Fortunately, jackie was transferred to the military base in las vegas. Here, the future manager of the casino immediately removed the prospects for the us chief gambling center.

Returning to the native house in omaha, john gogan finished learning at the university of craton and received a bachelor’s degree in commercial.

Continuation of the father

Love for the rates played a decisive role in the further choice of profession. After learning, john became a bookmaker. He made a bet not only on jumps, but also for any events.

In 1948, jackie took more rates for presidential elections than could pay.

About 3 years old gogan worked as a bookmaker. He had to part with his beloved affair due to the introduction of tax in 10% at rates. It caused serious damage to all nebraska bookmakers.

Only gambling

In 1950, jackie, together with his family, moved to las vegas. At first, he lived at the el cortez hotel and was repeatedly seen in the game hall. Then jackie did not have an impressive capital, but believed in the city of sins. The future manager took the money from the mother to buy a share in flamingo. At different times, part of the casino belonged to baghi sigel and meer lanski. In the future, john gogan will invest even more funds in the development of las vegas.

In 1952, jackie becomes co-owner biltmore casino, along with david crowe and eddie hopple.

Since jackie had 3% flamingo casino, he managed to get a job without any problems. A good-natured young man always found a common language with new people, but he had a conflict with mafiosi davy berman. He asked me metrotel about favoring, which did not like gangster – the latter called gogan dirty sword.

Jackie left flamingo and thought about opening his own business, so that no one could push them. From 1953 to 1959, he earned a considerable state due to two bookmakers – saratoga and derby.

During this period, gogan got acquainted with kenny epstein. His future partner was only 15 years old. The owner of baltimore invited kenny’s father on a casino tour. Then the young man received the best advice in life – if you intend to get into the gambling industry, follow gogan.

El cortez

Jackie continued to build assets in las vegas. At various times, he owned shares in the following casino:

  • Western.
  • Gold spike.
  • Union plaza.
  • Royal inn.
  • Golden nugget.
  • Showboat.
  • Pioneer.

The main investment gogan did in 1963. The managers gathered all the savings and even issued a loan to buy el cortez for $ 4 million. Casino with a big story appeared on frimont-street back in 1941. This is a kind of ranch, performed in the style of spanish colonial rebirth. The building has experienced a reconstruction several times, but its facade maintained the original appearance.

One of the oldest casino las vegas

The new owner immediately added several numbers – pavilion rooms. Spacious surrounding rooms were so comfortable that gogan constantly lived in one of them.

El cortez first was more like a capricious child requiring attention. Means left not only for the maintenance of the hotel and casino, but also to modernization. The institution could not boast of staggering profit.

"Listen, you will cry. I sedue [el cortez] a lot of tears, you will have a lot of tears. But you will be fine, "said the former owner of el cortez kelll hawssels after he learned about the desire of gogan to give up the casino.

To correct the situation, jackie began to actively engage in marketing. To increase the popularity of casino among the local population, he regularly conducted shares. For participation, people received:

  • Gambling books.
  • Free food and drinks.
  • Branded clothing with el cortez logo.

"Capricious child" began fruits in the early 70s. Then el cortez became the main place for the presentation of new slots. First, manufacturers tested automata on local players if the devices brought profits, the devices brought profits, the were installed in other casinos.

Then john gogan began to brag the numbers with other managers. Kirk kerkoran, benny binione and steve winn did not suspect that the slots may be so profitable in the industry.

In 1979, jackie proposed a bet with a ratio of 10,000 to 1 that skylab space station would drop directly on el cortez.

Slots followed mike nolan. The guy at the age of 21, very quickly won the trust of jackie, and eventually he reached the position of the director general of el cortez. Every morning, gogan, along with the ward made bypass. At first the checked the willingness of el cortez to receive guests, and after the visited other casinos on fremont street, in which jackie had a share. He always paid to work until 12 hours a day and almost did not take the day off.

In 1980, jackie invested 10 million in the construction of a new tower in el cortez – the total number of rooms has grown to 297. Personal apartments were located on the upper floors. In the future, penthouse will be called jackie goghan suite.

Vegetability man

Gogan often met guests. This distinguished him from many other casino owners. Not everyone loved las vegas, and jackie rarely left his home – el cortez. Guests can approach and chat with gogan on any topic, as if with a familiar bartender for drinking.

Jackie had a favorite car – ford thunderbird 1960s. In the trunk, he always kept the gasoline canister and, in which case assisted on the road to anyone.

When meeting new people, the owner of el cortez appeared just jackie and did not love when mr. Gogan appealed to him

Each story has an end

John owned 25% of real estate in the center of las vegas. Among his assets there were more than 20 acres of unaccounted land. In 2000, gogan began to gradually sell a casino.

In 2008, el cortez bought a partner jackie – kenny epstein. The past owner was allowed to preserve registration in penthouse. Gogan lived at the hotel and continued to play poker every day until his death on march 12, 2014.

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