John Jones Won, Even Without Leaving The Ring, Thanks To Midchika (Video)

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March 30, 2022
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August 17 at ufc 241 first in the ranking of pound-for-pound daniel kormier lost the title of champion in heavyweight in a fight against step mychica. The second number of this rating john jones is satisfied and outraged at the same time. Read more in material.

John Jones won, even without leaving the ring, thanks to Midchika (video)

Before the fight, cordier – mioch most experts and bookmakers were absolutely confident in the victory of the first. And this is despite the fact that lasting their meeting everything was the opposite. Fault – victory dc in the first round last year’s duel and subsequently successful belt protection. At the same time, many for some reason just thrown out the fact that the american fighter of croatian origin – record holder in the number of belt protection in the division.

Judging by the duel, daniel also too believed in his forces. It was confirmed at a press conference after the end of the battle, saying that in the fourth round began to ignore the tips of the secundants. This is not surprising, because in the first rounds, the fodder confidently knit the opponent, used the struggle and measuredly threw unpleasant blows in his opponent. His advantage lasted exactly up to the fourth round when dc became too self-confident and decided that he could kill the higher drummer miechika, for which he paid.

Unexpected for the feed hit in the liver instantly knocked all self-confidence from him, that’s just late. In the head of the ex-champion in two weight categories ufc already flew heavy, like sledgehamps, fists with stipe. Outcome – knockout, second in dc career.

Stipe miocic god damn pic.Twitter.Com / feg55kyjbo

— dylan (@ dylangonzalez21)
august 18, 2019.

Miocic.#andnew heavyweight champion of the world # ufc241 ???? Pic.Twitter.Com / rd8hew5kom

— dj???? (@sayyygodj)
august 18, 2019.

Such an outcome, in addition to miechic himself, pleased another fighter, speech about john jones. «Bones» long ago outraged the fact that the first place in the ranking «best out of weight categories» it takes the feed, and not he, although he twice defeated daniela (the second victory, however, was not recognized because of the positive doping sample).

We wrote more about this discontent in a separate material.

Now can we stop playing games with these pound for pound rankings already

— jon bones jones (@jonnybones)
august 18, 2019.

After the defeat of his principled rival, the third battle with which all mma fans are waiting, john returned to this thought and wrote in his «twitter»: «now we can stop playing these games pound-for-pound». After the defeat, the feed jones hardly wants the third duel against dc, and even more so not in his weight.

Previously, we we wrote that mcgregor did not forgive the fight with the elderly man in the bar.

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