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January 13, 2022
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The absolute fighting championship has updated its ranking of the best fighters after a recent ufc 232 event. But not everyone stayed with him agree.

Jones is puzzled by UFC rating

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According to the updated data, the first place regardless of the weight categories in him is occupied by daniel kormye. The last battle of america spent on november 3 against derrik lewis and defended his heavyweight champion title.

The second place was taken by john jones, who at the ufc 232 won a light heavyweight title. Third place – for russian habiba nurmagomedov, defending his belt in lightweight weight on october 6 in a fight against the conir of mcgregor.

It was jones who spoke in bewilderment about the rating update. On his page in instagram, he posted a screenshot of the ufc site, providing him with a signature quoting the phrase of habiba: «this is number one bull shit», width in the middle of the fans and fighters mma.

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This is number one bullshit ????

Publication from jon bones jones (@jonnybones) jan 2019 at 10:35 pst

Daniel kormier was also recognized by the fighter of the year according to espn. During 2018, he spent three battles and won the titles of a champion in light heavyweight and heavyweight, keeping them in her hands until the end of december. John jones, in turn, was forced to serve the annual disqualification due to the admission of prohibited drugs, and the decept and last in 2018.

Winged phrase nurmagomedova

The only reason why the current rating could be outraged jones, is that he – the only fighter who defeated the feed, however, daniel is above it in this list.

In a recent interview, habib manager explained why he believees tony ferguson with a uninteresting rival for nurmagomedov.

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