Jorge Masvidal Felt The Strength To Beat Alvarez “Carelo”

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April 19, 2022
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Jorge masvidal loudly declared himself in a duel with a neuto diaz, but not going to stop. His coach told the media that an american is ready to hold a boxing battle with «caled» alvarez, who the other day won another title in battle with sergey kovalev.

Jorge Masvidal felt the strength to beat Alvarez 'Carelo'

Saul alvarez – petached slice for each

Mexican boxer on november 2 committed an incredible – won the championship in the next category of weight and confirmed its status of the most influential boxer of modernity. Now, a number of fights depends on the desire of saul and his promoters, as it owns the belts at once in four divisions. It is not surprising that it was lined up by a whole queue from boxers wishing to get their piece of glory and money.

But boxing for «caled» it may not be enough. Firmly running along the path of his offender in the past, floyd maevezer, saul seriously reflects on the fight against the fighter ufc. We wrote about this in a sparate material.

Of course, the fight will be held exclusively according to the rules of boxing, as well as meiweather meeting with mcgregor, but it has every chance to collect the same number of spectators and bring as much money. And while saul only announces its theoretical desire, applicants have already appear.

Mike brown, head coach of the american fighter of cuban origin jorge masvidal, said that his ward is ready to meet with «caled» according to the rules of boxing.

«I think he is very competitive and shock people bye», – commented on masvidal mentor.

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Now you got to come to every one of my fights #goodluckcharm #supernecessary @therock #bmf

Publication from jorge masvidal (@gamebredfighter) 3 nov 2019 at 6:12 pst

The very idea of ​​this confrontation appeared due to the fact that jorge and alvarez spent their battles in one day – november 2. Cuban has fought with a neuto diaz for a special belt ufc – bmf belt in new york, and saule fought sergey kovalev for the wbo wbo belt in las vegas. But, frankly, except for imaginary conflict because of the date, there is no serious reasons for the fight masvidal – alvares.

???????? Ayer logramos superar un reto más gracias a el apoyo de mi equipo, familia y seguidores. ¡Vamos por más! ????????

???????? Yesterday we acccomplished another challenge thanks to the support of my team, family and fans. Let’s go for more! ???????? Pic.Twitter.Com / zafjquaf9b

— canelo alvarez (@canelo)
november 4, 2019

Despite the victory, jorge is difficult to consider a truly top fighter, he is not a champion in its weight category and not a superstar. When maeweser decided to meet with maeveter, conor was a champion in two divisions and a very media personality. Taking into account the current popularity of alvares, his promoters will want a large star to rivals.

4 x world champion ???????????????? Pic.Twitter.Com / toov5nuldb

— canelo alvarez (@canelo)
november 3, 2019

But this understanding does not stop brown from fantasies. In his opinion, jorge would have looked better in the ring than a conor who still looked good in the first rounds: «but (mcgregor) looked competitive until he suffered. Benzobak jorge is much better than that of the conir».

No «caled», neither his promoters commented on this ufc offer.

We advise you to read our material about the desire of diaz finish your career after the defeat from masvidal.

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