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July 29, 2022
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The promoter anthony joshua shared the last news about the negotiations and called the new estimated date and the battlefield. More details – fresh sports news.


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Tendril – joshua 2021: hirn spoke about the contract

Over the past couple of days, the head of the matchroom boxing eddie harn shared in many details of the upcoming fight alexander breath against anthony joshua. The fact that the battle will take place is almost no doubt. According to the promoter, the contract will be signed soon. Representatives of the ukrainians sent a couple of insignificant comments on the document that will be satisfied, – and the battle can be announced.

«Today, the k2 responded to the proposed contract by a couple of small issues, which, i do not think that they will call any problems», – certains the words of hearn edition boxingscene.

From possible dates – joshua: 18 or 25 september, and – stadium «tottenham» or «wemble». At first, phrases about the end of august, but hearns the transferred date to prepare for the upcoming battle. Promoter admits that the aidge refers with all seriousness to the upcoming meeting. For this reason, he has already started working in sparring with left-handers (alexander ukiv – left-handed). And the fact that fans are not confident in his victory, only motivates the british.

«Aidgey knows how good the mustache… he also knows that people are not sure that he will win fight, and i think he likes it», – said harn.

Anthony Joshua

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Eddie is also confident that the fight will bring more money from paid broadcasts than previous fights with cubert pole and alexander povetkin. But despite this, he wants the stadium on which the meeting will be held, was filled. Opened promoter and distribution of fees. Joshua will receive 80% of profits and the mustache – twenty%.

Alexander ukiv

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The head of matchroom also spoke and about the broken meeting with fury. According to harn, joshua was originally confident that their fight was angry, and that tyson avoids meetings with him. Moreover, eddie suggests that anthony dississed that this fight someday will be held. Hisn hopes that the fight will still work out.

«If aj knocks out the mustache, and furi knocks out wilder, then in four months we will talk about a more serious match… i hope that he (joshua) will succeed», – surminated harn.

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