Joshua Will Have To Wait: Wilder Signed A Contract For A New Fight

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February 28, 2022
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Wbc heavyweight champion deontte wilder on his page on twitter told the name of his next opponent. They were not anthony joshua again, as the fans would like.

Joshua Will Have to Wait: Wilder Signed A CONTRACT FOR A NEW FIGHT

Anthony joshua and deontte wilder – two heavyweight monopolist. All four champion belts of major international organizations are concentrated in their hands. The british have three of them – wbo, wba and ibf, and by the american – wbc. At the same time, both boxers are still invincible and have an amazing graph of fighting and victories. On the account of joshua – 22 battle, 22 victories and 21 knockout; wildard numbers even more impressive – 42 fights, 41 victory, 40 fights he completed early and once the meeting ended with a draw.

The winner of this couple would be honored – absolute champion of the world. This title was the last time in heavyweight weighting owned lennox lewis in 1999. But despite the honor, boxers are not in a hurry to enter each other into confrontation. And here it is clearly a hand of promoters, which is advantageous as long as possible to postpone their battle, to then sell for record money.

That is why wilder recently boxed with dominica brizilom, who defeated knockout in the first round, and joshua will meet will with andy ruis. We advise you to read our forecast for this fight.

It seeemed that after these passing confrontations, the fighting of decades would still take place. The words of wilder himself, in which he urged joshua to finally fight him. And the answer promoter british, eddie harn, who called on to start negotiations. Joshua himself also confirmed that he coped with all his problems and is ready to meet with the american champion. Not ready now, apparently, deontte.

At least this year, almost one hundred percent probability will not see this meeting. Recent hopes killed himself «bronze bomber», which on his page on twitter officially announced that he signed a contract for fight-revenge with louis ortiz. And on the one hand, the revenge between these fighters is very interesting. Indeed, for the first time ortiz delivered a pretty problem to an invincible champion. But on the other – cuban does not become younger. He is definitely a professional who is still very good, but in their re-meeting wilder looks like an absolute favorite, he is in a stunning form.

It will not take place this year and more expected revenge against tyson fury. You can read about him in our special material.

Previously, we wrote that the ukrainian boxer will receive a fee for fighting in cryptocurrency.

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