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February 21, 2022
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Before the resident match of the europa league semi-finals between «arsenal» and «valencia» the journalist of the spanish branch of bein sports live in the ball in the head. But was able to exit the situation with dignity and continue the air. And what other funny moments hapaned to sports reporters?

Journalists also suffer: curious cases with sports correspondents (video)

Let’s start with the very fresh occasion. Monica benavent worked live, being in touch with the studio. But a beautifully selected frame in the middle of the stadium and the location on the edge of the field played a joke with a journalist, when the ball got into his head during the warm-up. From the blow of monica bent and disappeared. But soon rose and with a smile on the face continued to report.

Gol tv’s mónica benavent doing a live sideline report when… ⚽️???????? #jayanddan
(????: gol tv) pic.Twitter.Com / hoilaizpjl

— #jayanddan (@jayanddan)
may 10, 2019.

On his page in instagram and twitter, the girl missed that she helped the players «valencia» set up the sight, and also said that there is nothing that, from which ibuprofen would not save.

¡Vivita y coleando! Os escribe la primera en comprobar que el @valenciacf estaba afinando la puntería para el #valenciaarsenal que sí ya pintaba a épico, para mi lo empieza a ser. ???? ???????? Nada que no cure un ibuprofeno. #elmédicoyaledijoamimadrequeteníaunabuenacabeza pic.Twitter.Com / iptrdciuvo

— mónica benavent (@monicabenaventv)
may 9, 2019.

But despite the induced sight «valencia», the match still ended victory «kanonirov» with a score 2: 4. This «victoria» derived «arsenal» in the final of the europa league, where he will meet with «chelsea».

It will be the second english final in european competitions, more about the reasons in our separate material.

Live ether – it is always very responsible and difficult, since the reporter must immediately respond to what is happening around. In addition, he has no right to make an error, as it is not possible to rewrite a double. Looks what is happening for the audience very funny, but for a journalist it is not always funny.

The latter such a bright case occurred with an espn journalist at the 2018 world cup in russia. During direct inclusion, a woman came out on the street, who wanted to know how he had a tv channel, while the journalist did not understand russian, which did not interfere with the passionate to continue the conversation.

In moscow, the fox sports channel reporter took an interview with the fans, but an interesting woman got into the frame. Epic dialogue in reutov tv format

full version in tv https: // t.Co / mvcbiozed5 pic.Twitter.Com / okt6cf56ej

— news. As it is (@nourlnews)
june 14, 2018.

But a slightly more rare record made during euro 2012 in kharkov. On it, the journalist tries to cope with very joyful and active fans from the netherlands.

Bbc correspondent, dan walker, who, during the lighting of the 2016 olympic games, got into a piquant situation. During his planab, the audience noticed a couple in the background, which was actively hugging on the beach, and asked the camera to bring the resulting. Dan in a joking form replied that this is not at all what it seems, and this couple just read the book, however, in a slightly strange pose.

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