Juventus – Lokomotiv: Forecast For The Champions League Match (October 22)

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April 13, 2022
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On tuesday, october 22, as part of the group stage of the champions league will be held between «juventus» and «locomotive». Announcement and forecast from experts in our special material.

Juventus - Lokomotiv: Forecast for the Champions League Match (October 22)
Content: 1. «Juventus» – «locomotive» october 22: command shape. «Juve» – «loco»: where and when to watch3. «Juventus» – «locomotive»: expert forecast bc «melbet»3.One. Bc coefficients «melbet»

«Juventus» – «locomotive» october 22: shape teams

The group d in the champions league has two explicit favorites – «juventus» and «atletico». During the draw, it became clear that these clubs would have to go into the playoffs, but «locomotive» will fight s «bayer» for the right to continue its stroggle in the europa league. And the first step of the moscow club did, beat «leverkusensev» on the departure with the score 2: 1. Butt in order to accurately secure of the tournament, you need to pick up the glasses from the favorites.

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— fk «locomotive» (@fclokomotiv)
october 16, 2019

Do it, of course, will be very difficult. «Juventus» is in great shape. In the series, and he continues to go without defeats, and in the last game to the international pause, he figured out with the main competitor of this season – «interom» – and led the tournament table. In the champions league, the tourists also do not experience serious problems. 2: 2 on the departure with «atletico» and 3: 0 houses with «bayer». Ward seminists, according to fans «juve», should not resist.

But this may not agree fans «railway». Metropolitan team also scored a good move. In the rfpl, they went to the fist line, in late september won «zenith», and in the last round beat tula «arsenal». The only spoon of deafty – departure from the russian cup. But it is easy to guess that this season, yuri semin decided to sacrifice this tournament for the sake of potential championship and eurocades.

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«Juve» – «loco»: where and when to watch

The fight will take place at home arena «zebr», allianz stadium, a capacity of more than 41 thousand fans. Through history «steam locomotives» never came to turin on the game against «bianconi», although them met with them in the late 1993 within 1/32 uefa cup final. Both fights the turin.

See match «juventus» – «locomotive» in the champions league can be on the tv channel «match tv». The start of the broadcast is scheduled for 22:00 moscow time.

«Juventus» – «locomotive»: expert forecast bc «melbet»

Experts of the company bk «melbet» practically do not leave chances of wards yuri semin in the upcoming confrontation. In their opinion, the chances of winning «loco» extremely low. And the reasons for this are several. The first and most banal – level of commands. «Juventus» – unconditional grand, permanent member of the final stages of the champions league and the leader of the italian championship. Its composition is filled with stars: ronaldo, dibala, iguaine, pyanki, bonucci, de ligt. «Zebras» getting more accustomed to the style of a new coach, maurizio sarry, and each game becomes even more terrible.

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— cristiano ronaldo (@cristiano)
october 16, 2019

Secondly, to the upcoming duel «loco» suitable weakened. Last year’s leader muscovites, farfan, still restored from knee injury. Damage in the game with «arsenal» i received fedor smolov and also misses the match with «juve». In the question of participation and rifat zhemalletdinova. Thirdly, «white black» play at home where they are steadily strong and reliable.

Bc coefficients «melbet»

  • «Juventus» – 1,205;
  • «Locomotive» – 16;
  • Draw – 6,55.

Previously, we we wrote that leonid fedun is going to leave the manual «spartak».

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