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January 14, 2022
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Wednesday will pass the match between «juventus» and «milan», in which will decide who deserves to replenish the collection of awards next super cup of italy football.

Juventus - Milan (January 16, 2019): Forecast for Super Cup of Italy
Content: 1. Match «juventus» – «milan» will be held on january 16 in jedda, saudi arabia2. «Juventus» – unconditional favorite3. «Milan» should not have been in this meeting4. Predictions of bookmakers on the super cup «juventus» – «milan»4.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru4.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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Match «juventus» – «milan» will be held on january 16 in jedda, saudi arabia

Match for the super cup between «juventus» and «milan» will be held on wednesday, january 16, not in italy, and in the city of jidda, which is located in saudi arabia. Command duel will play in the stadium «king abdullah sports city» capacity 60 thousand people.

Such an unusual geographical solution is actually a commonness, since since the 1990s, the matches for this trophy occurred periodically outside the motherland series a. At different times, clubs fough for a prize in china, usa and qatar.

«Juventus» – unconditional favorite

Team massimiliano allegri – absolute favorite in this confrontation. «Juventus» still remains the only team that did not know the bitterness of defeat in the series. For 19 games on their account 17 victories and only two draws. The only thing that can prevent the tourists to win in this meeting, – lack of due motivation to postpone.

Of course, get another trophy to the club museum – it is always nice. But, on the other hand, it is not so important as the scoundrel or champions league. So allegri can fully release the most unfounded composition on this game or configure them to the real battle. But you can be confident almost 100%, that cristiano ronaldo will «rob and throw» on the field. For him, it is a chance to win the fist cup in the new club, and the trophies and rewars of the portuguese loves.

Juventus - Unconditional Favorite

Photo source: kapital.Kz

«Milan» should not be in this meeting

Objectively speaking, gattuso’s wards should not have set off on this match. This, of course, can sound rude, but «milan» did not deserve this cup, even if he wins a meeting in saudi arabia. The thing is that that «devils» got the right to fight for the the super cup of italy only because there were finalists in the cup last season.

And they were crushed in it «zebra» with a score of 4: 0. In a good way, «juve» it was possible to give the supercube immediately after the final. However, the rules are rules. And football players «rossoneri» have chances to win. If gattuso can pump up (as he knows how) his players will be desire for victory, then on the veins the can overcome not very motivated turin club.

«Milan» trying to restructure and find the soil under the legs after the protracted crisis. For this they need every victory and every trophy, and this is a great chance.

Predictions of bookmakers on the super cup «juventus» – «milan»

Bookmakers in the match «juventus» – «milan» we predict the victory of turinsev. Experts are confident that «zebras» are in much better form than «rossoneri», and possess the best selection of players.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Juventus» – 1.62;
  • «Milan» – five.Five;
  • Draw – 3.7.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Juventus» – one.6;
  • «Milan» – 6.0;
  • Draw – 3,85.

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