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April 8, 2022
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Kansspelautoriteit, ksa (ksa) published data on the organization of the market and supervision based on public interest. The document was also transferred to the minister of reference, which is responsible for developing the policy of dutch gambling.

"Marketing vision of gambling" is the so-called concept document. Such a document can be used by politicians, in this case, to make decisions on how different gambling markets are structured and regulated in the future. Indition, ksa will now use a document for oversight and ensure compliance.

Ksa and legal protection minister have previously agreed that management will develop a similar document. For a number of years, attempts have been made to upgrade the country’s policies in the field of gambling. Market gambling (lotteries, sports rates, casino games and slot machines) are still regulated by the 1964 gambling law, which did not take into account the emergence of the internet. Modernization has already begun from the adoption of a law on remote gambling, which will come into force in 2021. This law suggests and regulates gambling online games on strict conftions and tightens requirements for preventing dependence, including for local gambling suppliers.

In the review of market vision, devuted to gambling, ksa concludes that in the future there may be more opportunities for new gambling suppliers. It complies with the opening of the market for legal gambling online games. At the moment there are still various legal monopolies and stateholding. More space would mean that it could end with time. In order to maximize the dependence on gambling, protect consumers and deal with crime and illegality, the regulation of various gambling sectors is still necessary.

The preliminary version of the market vision for gambling was discussed in 2020. More than forty people took advantage of the opportunity to answer. Answers were used to adjust, clarify or make certain parts in the draft version.

Source: official site kansspelautoriteit

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