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April 21, 2022
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Stars often exploit the power of a personal brand, creating an empty image. Eccentric entrepreneurs howard hughes, peris hilton, hugh hefner and richard branson attracted attention not only to their personnel, but also to their companies. Kelvin air, inspired by their examples, rolled up loud parties in the 2000s. An indicative luxury life made bodog one of the largest gambling operators in the world.

Namekelvin ayr
date of birth may 25, 1961
place of birth lloydminster, saskachevan, canada


Kelvin air was born in a farmer’s family. From the small years he had to help his father. The future entrepreneur woke up before dawn, fed a pig and went to school.

His house was a lot of miles from the city. Therefore, a few hours left on the road. In his youth, he considered a similar life to normal. But, it rarely recalled his childhood.

After school, kelvin enters university waterla. Here in 1984 he managed to get a bachelor’s degree. To improve the financial condition of the family, the father of the young men engaged smuggling marijuana.

He illegally transported cargo from jamaica to canada, while he was not caught wit another party in 1987. A total of 340 kilograms of material evidence were withdrawn. Father sentenced to 4 years in prison. Kelwin eyra then lucky to avoid punishment. Young man considered the victim of circumstances, even though he helped his father.

The future entrepreneur continued his studies at seattle city university. In 1989, air received a master’s degree in administration and finance management.

First maynations

After graduating from the university of kelvin offered to head the company-producer of cardiac valves bicer medical systems. Business turned out to be in a serious financial situation. But the newly minted general director managed to find a way out.

Kelvin ayre posted 300 thousand. Shares on the vancouver stock exchange. Then the company’s president had to break some rules. Lack of documents quickly discovered.

Kelvin had to pay a fine of $ 10,000. He was forbidden to place securities and fulfill the duties of present bicer medical systems until 2016.

"I clearly made a few mistakes. But it was not a criminal case. And no one has suffered, "kelvin air about the scandal on the stock exchange.

Gambling business

In 1992 an entrepreneur came across an article about ronalda sakko – the owner of the bookmaker office. He took bets from us players by phone. In america, such activities were banned at the federal level.

However, ronald’s business was in the dominican republic, where the rates were considered legal. A little later, the bookmaker will face accusations from the us government. But it was this story that became a source of inspiration for the future entrepreneur.

Kelvin eyre has begun to develop software for gambling operators. He personally studied cisco systems guides. In 1997, cyberoad company appears. Its services are starting to enjoy large grand prix sports operators, the big book and mayan sports. Clients offered to replenish accounts through bank cards. And for the output of winnings sent electronic checks.

Creating a brand

By the end of the 90s, kelvin air began to understand that major operators earn more money, rather than modest suppliers for. For a wide audience, the latter often turn out to be in the shadow of the promoted brands that accept rates.

Kelvin paid special attention to the name. To do this, he analyzed the market, paying attention not only to competitors, but also the experience of successful companies from other spheres. So he defined 3 key nemining rules:

  • No more than 6 letters. The name must be short.
  • Uniqueness. Brand should be not like competitors.
  • Simplicity. The name is easy to pronounce and remembered.

For a few days kelvin chaotic knocked on the keyboard to collect as many different options as possible. Good name he immediately checked for free domain. Random entrepreneur scored 5 letters – bodog. Several times he uttered the name out loud. And it liked him.

Bodog domain appears in 2000.Com with limits at a rate of $ 1 to $ 5,000.


Most owners online casino do not like to disclose their identity. Kelvin air from the first days of work bodog became ambassador of his own brand.

His photo often appeared in the promoter and on the pages of the site. The entrepreneur itself created the image of the playboo, which burns life surrounded by beauties.

Kelvin ayre and paris hilton

His public profile was based on a man who recently threw a large jackpot. At the idea of ​​ayra, such an image was supposed to like men from 18 to 40 years. The operator starts to ride parties on costa rica and antigua. Invitations receive not only stars, but also permanent players bodog.

Soon, the girls in bikini are becoming one of the main marketing attributes. On the example of hugh hefner kelvin understood how long female beauty helps product promotion. Eyre made something like american dreams from gambling. Large kush from the bet became a ticket for the best life.

Road to the top

In one way you can not earn in the long run. In addition to colorful advertising, the operator must provide high-quality service. When bodog only appeared, kelvin air convulsively sat at the computer waiting for the first bet. It was modest $ 15. Initially, the entrepreneur entered into a sport, but very quickly began to expand.

  • In 2000, casino and poker sections appeared on the site.
  • In 2003 in las vegas, a large conference on gambling was held under the bodog brand. The event was annual.
  • At the end of 2005, the calvin ayre wildcard poker show appears on television, where ordinary viewers get the opportunity to play with professionals and stars.

In 2005, the turnover of bets in bodog reached $ 7.3 billion per year.

Kelvin eyre turned into a global figure. Bodog founder appeared on glossy magazine covers. Forbes nickname him with the most enviable bachelor on the planet.

Law and order

Offshore steel operators for us headache. Law enforcement officers did not really like that millions of dollars go to the account of illegal companies that did not pay taxes and violated the legislation. In october 2006, banks prohibit transactions if they are associated with bets via the internet.

Up to this point, offshore operators avoided responsibility, since they had no ownership in the us. But changing the rules of the banking sector inflicted a serious blow to the profits of many online casinos. Partygaming lost about 75%, and sportingbet sold the sportsbook domain.Com.

For air changes in the laws of the united states turned into a window of new opportunities. Large public companies left the market. Private casinos were able to significantly strengthen their positions. Bodog and pokerstars increased markedly due to lack of past competition.

"There is a group of people who know that they will never be me, but this does not mean that they do not dream about it," – kelvin air

Then kelvin scooped corporate information from former opponents. Bodog paid $ 9 million betcorp bookmaker for providing data on player rates.

In 2006 kelvin ayr sells the rights to the bodog operator by the canadian company morris mohawk gaming group. The company specialized in promoting gambling in north america.

The new owner said he had a legitimate basis to take bets from the us residents. Kelvin retained the right to the bodog brand, but decided to move away from gambling business.

Arbitration judge

The founder of bodog ceased to take an active part in the development of gambling market. Instead, he covered important events from the world of casino. In 2009, calvinayre’s personal blog appears. The founder of bodog criticized not only other casinos, but also media that often distorted facts in favor of gambling owners.

Calvinayre blog existed until february 2021. His founder announced care. For the past few years, kelvin was seriously interested in cryptocompany. Financial perspectives of digital coins it compares with the appearance of gambling operators on the internet.

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