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July 5, 2022
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Kenya Considers Ban On Day Gambling

The nairobi assembly evaluates a possible ban on gambling during the daytime. South nairobi elected a member of wilders chegé bill on bets, lotteries and games of nairobi district (amendment) of 2021, which offers to ban gambling from 6 am to 8 pm.

Its proposal is also aimed at regulating mobile rates and ban on advertising gambling near places of rates.

Ms. Watera said:

"I watched the work of the bookmakers and gambling institutions in the district for some time. I believe that it is necessary to do something to reduce the number of hours held in these establishments of our youth if we want to provide our future as the county.
I of the district and national licensing committee to limit the hours of operation of theest time among citizens and avoid time loss by some of our young people who, unfortunately, now addicted to gambling and spend a lot of time in these establishments. ".

The american research company geopoll reported that millennialys in kenya make more rates in kenya peple in other countries south of sahara, mainly on football. He appreciated the average cost of $ 50 per monh and reported that advertising has a strong impact on behavior.

Source: focus gaming news

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