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April 22, 2022
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In kenyan report on possible constitutional changes, they proposed to replace private bids by state. Also report by «the initiative of construction bridgees» (bbi) touched the topic of introducing the national state lottery. Specifically, it is said that the industry of private rates provokes the growth of poverty in the country.

Kenya's Government Aims to Cancel Private Rates

The report argues that the introduction of state rates instead of private will allow to translate funds to developes activities aimed at improving the well-being of young people, culture, sports and other social initiatives for citizens of the country.

Work on the report began last year on march 9, when president uhuru keniat and rail odin, who took second place in the 2017 presidential election, made a statement on thermination of all hostilities. At the same time, two policies agreed to start a study, during which the search for potential constitutional changes aimed at improving the lives of citizens of kenya. Bbi was created to conduct this study and drawing up the results of the results.

Thus, conducted forums in 47 counties of kenya for fees of opinions on what is important to include in the report. About 7,000 kenyans participated in the former and applicable politicians and 123 representatives of the main institutions.

Changes in the kenya constitution can be accepted on a referendum or through parliament. An innovation that can be made through the higher state legislative representative assembly is provided for the ban on private bookmakers.

Questions regarding re-introduction of the prime minister can only be solved through a referendum. Director of public relations dennis oneago, referring to bbi recommendations, said that a referendum shold be held.

Kenya Revises Their Gambling Laws

At the moment, kenya revises its gambling laws by adopting a law on gambling in 2019, which became the replacement of the lottery, bets and gambling of the 1966 sample. The main motive of the replacement is the intention to update the regulatory acts of the country and reduce the popularity of online operators in the local market. At the same time, any constitutional change will have a priority over this draft law in the event of adoption.

Many private owner operators kenya, including betin and sportpesa, were drawn into a long-term dispute with tax authorities.

In connection with unpaid taxes, the kenya gambling regulator – board of control and licensing betting companies (bclb) – june 1 refused to extend applications for the licensesa and 26 to other companies, arguing that a tax of 20% on winnings applies to profit and at the initial player’s bet.

Sportpesa suspended all sponsorships in the country and threatened a lawsuit after the authorities of kenya ordered the telecommunications company safaricom to block banking services to 27 companies without giving them to their customers the opportunity to make a deposit.

In september, the kenya parliament voted for raising rates up to 20% for 2019-2020 fiscal year. It prompted sportpesa and betin to stop all operations in the country and dismiss in connection with this 453 employees. Earlier this month, kenyan appeal tax tribunal decided that the gain tax was not related to rates.

Recall, the gambling regulator latvia warned lottery players about possible fraudsters.

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