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May 30, 2022
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During the lifetime, kerry packer did so big bets that in london only 3-4 casinos risked to allow him to the table with cards. Australian media signal without manifestations of emotions wrote out million checks in case of loss and with the same person took the winnings. He often delivered a lot of trouble, but his arrival was always happy.

Packer’s name
date of birth december 17, 1937
place of birth sydney, australia
citizenship australia
date of death december 26, 2005

Immodest inheritance

Kerry packer was born on december 17, 1937 in sydney. His father – frank packer – controlled local media: nine network and australian consolidated press. Around the appearance of family capital walks the legend. According to rumors, grandfather kerry on the racetrack found 10 shillings, after which i bet on the races with the coefficient 12. Win enough to pay to move from hobart to sydney and start working in the newspaper industry. Grandpa left frank to packur 10,000 pounds, at the expense of which nine network and australian consolidated press appeared. After his death in 1974, the media passed under the control of kerry packer.

Already the general inheritance was estimated at 100 million australian dollars. Having such a resource volume, the future media signal took bold solutions:

  • From 1977 to 1979, the packer receives the rights to broadcast cricket. This allows you to create your own championship – world series cricket. Mediamign raised the average level of salary, attracted world class specialists and made cricket popular among the general public.
  • In 1987, he sells nine network and australian consolidated press alan bondu for 1.02 billion australian dollars. After 3 years, he redeems the media back, but already for 250 million. This deal remains the most profitable for australian television so far.
  • In 1994, he unites the media to the publishing and broadcasting limited corporation, leaving 37% of the shares. New company begins to focus on gambling. In 1999, crown casino is purchased, and in 2004, the list of assets replenishes the entertainment complex burswood. His son james packer in the future will focus on gambling businesses.

"In each of us there is a bit of whores, gentlemen. What is your you now price?", – kerry packer on the discussion of the transaction with the australian cricket council in 1976

Gambling – genuine passion

Kerry packer regularly visited the casino. While some hairrollers were engaged in risk management and did not allow themselves to lose more than a certain amount, the australian always did the maximum bet, because of which he received the nickname prince whales. For him, often the manager had to raise the limits in order not to lose the precious guest. For his life, he managed to attract a lot of attention due to major victories and defeats:

  • In 1991, playing blackjack in one of the casino network hilton, kerry packer won $ 7 million per night. He returned next year, but good luck turned away from him – australian lost $ 10 million.
  • In 1994 in crockford’s casino, the packer lost about $ 7 million.
  • In 1995, kerry spent a vacation in mgm grand in las vegas. For 40 minutes, he played at the same time 8 hands and put on $ 250 thousand each. When the prizes reached $ 25 million, he left the casino, leaving dealers of $ 1 million tips.
  • In 1999 he spent about three weeks in london gambling. Packer stopped making rates after the size of the loss reached 28 million australian dollars.

Kerry packer could demand from casino exclusive conditions, but most often he behaved more modest than most of the other less large hairsollers. He played at the table alone, and also asked good rooms for himself and his company. Most often in the casino, he was surrounded by a famous coach for golf golf harmon, actor anthony perkins, professional players in polo and cricket. Most winners of packer rejoiced dealers – they often received six-solid tips.


Large rates of the australian magnate were discussed not only by lovers of gambling, but also their opponents. So, after another major loss of $ 25 million, the former leader of the labor party mark lamete called such a behavior of "morally offensive". The reaction of packer did not make himself wait. At first he corrected the policy, specifying what was actually lost $ 7.5 million. Then he added that he spends annually for charity much more.

  • In the 1990s, playing in polo, kerry suffered a heart attack. Doctors managed to return him to life in 7 minutes after stopping the heart. Recovering, he found out that sanitary cars have no defibrillators. It pushed him to donate 2.5 million dollars ambulance service of new wales for the purchase of necessary equipment. Installed defibrillators got the name "packer whackers".
  • In 2000, due to chronic kidney disease, packer needed transplantation. The donor was the pilot of nick ross, who for several years worked for magnate. This case came to the tv show "australian history". After the successful operation, the packer created an association for organ transplantation.
  • In 2006, his son james created the kerry packer foundation for the support of low-income cricket players and allocated 10 million australian dollars.

Despite multimillion expenses, the state of the tycoon has constantly increased. In 2005, according to forbes, kerry packer owned assets worth $ 5 billion.


Kerry packer died due to reenal failure in his bed december 26, 2005. He knew about the deteriooration of health, but refused to artificially maintain life with dialysis. One of his doctors avtralian said: "gasoline is outcome, and i am ready to die". Because of his contribution to the development of sports and charity, local authorities offered to relatives to hold a state memorial service in the sydney opera house. At the farewell ceremony with a billionaire, russell crowe, tom cruise, katie holmes, alan jones, greg norman and others.

"… Nobody is waiting for you, there is no one to judge you, so you can do what you like fucking, "the words of kerry packer at a press conference

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