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February 3, 2022
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Affiliate marketing is a promising industry in three key markets in asia – japanese, chinese and markets of the south-eastern region. To take place in these territories, it is necessary to implement strategies related to localization and affiliate programs.

Key In The Work in the Asian Markets IS Partner Marketing - Expert

«The first rule on any market, and escecially in asian, is the presence of a professional team. Another important point is localization and work well as the deep understanding of the competitive environment. But the key is still the ability to properly introduce affiliate marketing», – share his vision ceo marketing cross media dov alllin.

The expert also adds that it is important not only that company offer their customers, but also how they build long-term relationships in the framework of partner marketing.

Dov allylin believees that an individual approach is needed to each individual market. Given japan, he emphasizes that within the framework of the japanese gambling industry, it is important to pay a lot of attention to the design of sites, as well as payment solutions, bonus programs and various kinds of details that can attract a japanese player.

According to allin, the creation of an affiliate platform involves not only the statement of the foundation of the affiliate program, – it is necessary to understand regional differences and evaluate key strategies.

One of the fundamentals of affiliate marketing expert calls seo knowledge. He notes: it is important to understand that the site is not assessed by google, but competitors.

Recall that the topic of the effectiveness of affiliate programs discussed at the kiev conference kyiv igaming affiliate conference.

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