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April 22, 2022
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Two-time olympic champion in figure skating yudzuru khani became the ambassador of the famous south korean company lotte. In a new commercial, he appeared in an unexpected role, which alina zagitova has previously experienced.

Khan went in the footsteps

Advertising hanu: yudzuru conquers fans

It is not entirely clear why advertisers have skaters associated with cooking. But the fact remains a fact, the fact of the well-known athlete is in advertising or television show, in which he has to prepare. Alina zagitova comes to mind immediately, who took part in the japanese show, where she was preparing a cake.

We wrote more about this in a separate material.

Apparently, representatives of the famous company lotte also saw in their ambassadore from figure skating similar talents. We are talking about yudzuru khani, japanese figure skater, two-time winner of the olympic games. The company is preparing to exit soon a new product called sport gum (sports gum), the face of which will become a skater. What is this specific – it is still unknown, but, apparently, the product will be associated with sports. The more surprising an advertisement seemed in which yudzur. After all, it is closed in a culinary apron and prepares ice cream.

Prepare ice cream

True, with a more detailed search on the internet it becomes clear that this advertisement is not related to the sport gum, but is created in support of another – ghana lotte, dessert in the form of ice cream. The company also has images of the athlete itself and figurines in the form of skaters.


This is not the first sponsorship of the japanese star contract. Previously, he signed an agreement with the famous citizen watches brand. We we wrote more about this in a separate article.

Interest in the person of the japanese champion is not surprising. Yudzuru right now – one of the most recognizable and popular skaters on the planet. User studies from the reddit forum showed that his name is most popular among search queries in «wikipedia». It should be noted that the athlete itself is missing in social networks, unlike most other. And despite this, his recognition and interest from fans do not fall.

Previously, we wrote about why sponsorship agreements with skaters have a positive effect on the sport as a whole.

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