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June 14, 2022
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Kindred launches Watch & Amp direct broadcast player; Bet

"A new streaming video player will raise the quality of customer service to a completely new level. Easily explained by three words – fast, easy and fun. Quickly, because it allows our customers to see the action and react to it instantly. Easy, because the design is thought out and intuitively understood. It’s fun, because it is a completely new way to enjoy watching sporting events and placement of rates live, "explains eric backlund, director of kindred group products.

"Thanks to careful analysis of customer reviews and innovative internal seminars, we invented a grand vision of how we can convert the gaming process of rates, and with this new watch player & bet we are one step closer to this dream. But we are still far from completion, this is the foundation to which numerous building blocks will be added, and we are all very excited about the upcoming issues for our customers who make bets on sports, "concludes backlund.

Unibet offers customers access to more than 85,000 live broadcasts of sports events and 100,000 races from around the world every year.

Source: official site kindred group

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