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September 20, 2022
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Kirk kerkoran is one of the ricest owners of the united states of armenian origin, which managed to achieve incredible success. He went away from a low-educated amateur baxer, wh compleed only 8 classes, to a person whose condition, by different estimates, was estimated at 16-18 billion dollars in 2008. Donald trump at one time called kerkorin "king and the genius of business".

Name: kirk kerkoran
birth name: krikor kerkoran
date of birth: june 6, 1917
place of birth: fresno, california, united states
date of death: june 15, 2015
a place of death: los angeles, california, united states

A billionaire owned 40% of gambling establishments and hotels in reno and las vegas, as well as several largest aviation, automotive organizations, film companies. Kerkoran wore the honorary title "father of the mega resort". He built the world in las vegas, as well as other entertainment facilities.

Business genius: difficult path to billion

Kirk kerkoran was born in california (g. Fresno) in the family of immigrants from armenia. In cellhood, he spoke poorly in english and learned him only after he began spending more time on the street in search of work. Since the family led poorly, the future billionaire began their fist money already in 9 years. After grade 8 finally left school to maintain parents. After the great depression of the 20s, the family moved to los angeles. For several years, kirk was able to become a fires champion in welterweight and change a lot of professions.

In his youth kerkoran became a boxing champion

At a young age, kirk won the pacific boxing championship (amateur), and in 1939 decided to become a pilot. To achieve the goal, he took the lessons from the club happy bottom riding club. Classes were free, but in return the future billionaire was worn, cared for horses.

During world war ii, kirk kerkoran enters the service to the british air force and distinguishes bombers from canada to scotland. For each flight he gets 1,000 us dollars. For three years, kerkorian services overtake about 40 aircraft. After the war, kirk buys his first business. It was a small aviation company los angeles air service, which cost him 60 thousand. Dollars. Already by the 60s of the last century, kerkoran is becoming a millionaire. Literally for three years he managed to earn almost 40 million dollars, trading stocks.

During the second world courts, he served as a pilot

In the following years, kirk kerkoran is building his empire on a brick and the 90th of the 20th century is included in the list of 400 richest us citizens, taking 51. By the way, very serious means millionaire sends for charity throughout his life. For example, in 1988, kirk repairs and builds new roads, highways and hundreds of houses in armenia, participating in shares in support of the victims of the spacery earthquake. For this in 2004, he is honored with the hero of armenia "with the presentation of the order of" motherland ".

The story of the success of kerkorin in a business related to the gambling industry, began in the 60s of the xx century. Short list of achievements:

  1. In 1962 for 960 thousand. Dollars he buys 80 hectares of land in las vegas. On this deal, kerkoran was able to earn $ 9 million, which the company paid him, then built the famous caesars palace on a millionaire at the rent.
  2. Alredy in 1967, kirk buys another 33 hectares of land on paradise road in the center of las vegas for 5 million dollars, together with the famous architect martin stern jr. Builds westgate las vegas resort & casino. The first performers in the concert hall of steel elvis presley, barbara streisand.
  3. A little later, the company billionaire kerkorian’s international leisure acquires the hotel and the "flamingo" casino, and after a few years it sells them. Now they are called flamingo hilton and las vegas hilton.
  4. After purchasing a mgm film studio (metro goldwyn-mayer), kerkoran, along with the same architect, build famous mgm grand hotel and casino. This building is superior to the height of empire state building. Unfortunately, in 1980, a strong fire occurs in the hotel, almost 90 people die. After 8 months, kerkoran restores the building, which, according to many, was unrepretentious.
  5. In 1986, mgm grand hotel and casino is implemented for 594 million dollars. At the same time, the billionaire continues to build, buy and sell less well-known hotels and clubs las vegas. Very soon, he becomes one of the largest casino owners in the capital of gambling.

Almost 65 years old kirk kerkoran built his business empire and achieved incredible success. The lion’s share of revenues brought gambling. His condition decreased almost five times in 2011 due to the strongest financial crisis on the global stock market and amounted to about 3 billion dollars.

Almost all the condition of kerkoran left charitable funds

During the life of the magnate, the kerkorian foundation "linji" spent several hundred million dollars for charity (educational, medical and other programs). After the death of a billionaire in 2015, according to the will, most of the inheritance also went to help in need. Amount amounted to more than 2 billion dollars.

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