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September 15, 2022
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In the 60s edward torp taught thousands of players counting cards in blackjack, and in the 70s kit taft gave the opportunity to use this strategy to anyone. The innovator created a computer for calculating the likelihood and choosing the right course – to win enough to learn how to enter data.

Taft name
date of birth 1930
place of birth cat-bank, montana, usa
date of death 2006
a place of death elk grove, california, usa

Early years

Taft was brought up in a very strict family, so there could be a speech about gambling in the house. Since childhood, the young man showed a special interest in inventiveness – his whole occupied by complex mechanisms. After studying kit, i could sit in the garage for hours to create something new from the old trash. Once a schoolboy made a three-wheeled children’s car where the old exhaust pipe was used as the basis.

With age, the passion for knowledge did not fade, so taft continues to study at the university, where he gets a bachelor’s degree in physics and music. After the protection of the diploma, he devotes 8 years to teaching. Extinguished to the master, kit realized that she no longer wants to work in pedagogy.

In the time of the student, he married the school beloved dorothy. Four children were born at the couple. Having finished learning, taft together with family moved to sannywale, california. Former professor is arranged by an engineer in raytheon.

First rate

The new position turned out to be not the same as keith suggested. Most of the time goes to work, so it almost does not spend time with the beloved. In search of solutions, the couple decides to arrange escape – they give children to the grandmother to go to reno. Taft wanted to get to the exhibition of collections of cars william harry. On that day, all visitors gave coupons for a free bet in casino harrah’s club.

Despite the upbringing, the engineer and a decent family man could not resist the temptation and decided to enter the luxury hall. Remembering the day, taft said that he felt like a real indian. He knew nothing about the rules of popular gambling. By the will of the chance of keith chose a table with blackjack. Easpening a little, the former professor asked to tell the rules. The dealer introduced it with the rates of cards, order of distribution, options for action and the best outcome – dial 21 points.

Later, the book of edward torp "ways dealer" has become a real discovery for a beginner.

Making the first bets, taft relied purely for good luck. When his income reached three and a half dollars, the future star of blackjack hurried to leave the casino. In the car he began to reason more carefully about the rules of the game. The conclusion immediately suggested in the head: thanks to the counting of cards, you can develop a strategy.

Frankenstein for blackjack

After studying the tape strategies, taft immediately moved to practice. Former professor was quite good in mathematics, however, for a comparent counting of cards, he lacked concentration and short-term memory. 10 minutes after the start of the whale could easily be knocked down and make unsuccessful bets.

"Do not be mistaken, gambling is incredibly fascinating," taffeta quote.

Astead of tightening the counting skills and train memory, the engineer decided to shift these tasks on the computer. The program can not forget anything, it means that potential profits will grow. Former professor started creating a 16-bit calculator for blackjack.

One of the first prototypes of the computer to count

Kit decided to act secretive. He did not apply to the specialists, and independently read the leadership and every evering the microcircuit soldered. There were also technical difficulties: the control panel needed to be located under his feet so that the hands remain free to play. When the engineer finished the first prototype, he sat down by the road, recording cars in the computer.

To create the first calculator, taft spent 2 years – the invention was called "george".

The device consisted of several parts. Input panel hidden in shoes. You could make information using the toes. At the disposal of the player turned out to be 4 buttons that were used on the principle of morse – short and long press. Batteries and chips hid under trusers. The total weight of the computer was 6.8 kg.

In 1972, keith taft returns to reno along to spend the first tests with the dealer. The casino until the door of the casino until the inventor began to experience severe pain in her legs. Taffeta had to cancel the experiment, return home and modify the device.

Whale reduced the size of the control panel so that it gives less discomfort to the legs. His gait became more natural, and confidence in success only increased. Returning to the casino, the taft withot any problems began to win. None of the staff suspected than an ordinary person in a gray suit, which puts no more than 10, uses a computer for victory over the dealer.

Bankroll increased over several weeks. Taft reached the mark of $ 4,000, and a little later, the bank passed for ten thousand dollars. Entering azart, the inventor broke up with a sense of caution, forgetting risk management. Even if the player has an advantage of 5-10%, it does not mean that he will win constantly. Big bets and a series of lesions quickly returned china to the ground – he left the casino with empty pockets. After losing taft shared history with journalist san jose mercury news.

Cooperation with ken estion

An interview with the taffeta has acquired some popularity among blackjack lovers – to the inventor drew the attention of ken uston. At this point, the american of japanese origin has already led the team of professional players.

The expert was intereted in taffet calculators, but he demanded to make sevel changes. First, the inventor should have reduced the weight of the devices so that they were easier to carry and they became less noticeable. Ken would quickly notice a large number of players with a strange gait. He also suggested transfer the control panel to the belt – to enter data with the fingers, you can quickly and with greater accuracy.

"David" for sevel years remained unsolved casino device

The updated device was called "david" in honor of the character of the same name from the bible, who won the goliath with the help of the capabilities and stones. With this amazing device ken uston intended to defeat the las vegas casino and atlantic city.

According to rumors, the cost of "david" in the 70s was $ 10,000.

Beside an honest game

Taffeta computers have found a "mass" character, because in one hall a professional team of players could use 6-8 devices at once. Casino owners threw almost all the forces on the fight against such clients – they were not only expelled from the institution, but also conducted interrogations. Once "david" fell into the hands of the security service and after straight in the fbi. Investigators concluded that the use of such devices is not prohibited by law.

Calling calls unambiguously gives the advantage to the player, but the casino began to increase the number of decks and more often to make. Then taft decided to go to frank fraud. The former engineer created a small chamber for plaque on the belt. She photographed the closed dealer map at the time of distribution. The computer in the truck, which was near the casino. After using the radio, the player received previously inaccessible information for all opponents of the dealer. The invention received the name super drop.

Taft decides to use new equipment in marina casino in las vegas. The choice was not very successful – recently a message was received about a possible explosion, so the managers strengthened protection and video surveillance. The first few hours super drop brought fruit. Keith stopped in time and went into the room, but his relatives wanted to earn even more.

When brother taffeta came out of the casino and headed towars the truck, the security officers followed him. They detained a suspicious player. A few minutes later the police arrived, which conducted a search and seized equipment along with prize.

In 1985, the nevada casino was forbidden to use computer equipment for gambling rates.

Brother and son-in-law threatened a serious prison sentence, but the former professor managed to rescue them – they we separated by a conditional period. All participants received a black spot in their biography.

Honored pension

After the proceedings of kit taft never visited the casino. He acquired 10 acres of land in elk growu and engaged in farming together with his wife. Former player did not miss the opportunity to spend time with his family – he had 9 grandchildren.

In 2004, kit taft got into the hall of fame blackjack.

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