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June 8, 2022
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Konami Reports Significantly Restoration in June

The japanese konami group announced a 225% increase in the profits on the owners of the parent company, to 13.66 billion yen in the june quarter, which contributed to the growth of revenues in all segments of the business, including gaming & systems.

The group revenue increased by 29.2% compared to the same period last year to 68.33 billion yen, while the main segment of the company in the field of digital entertainment demonstrated revenue growth by 16.4% to 49.85 billion yen.

However, gaming shares & systems also rose by 111.5% to 6.30 billion yen due to the growth of the north american market.

"As a result of the deployment of the vaccine in north america, some restrictions, including entrance in casino, were weakened, and the market comes to life," said konami.

In particular, in las vegas in june, economic restrictions were completely removed.

"Although some countries and regions remain uncertain due to the outbreak of coronavirus, it is expected that the market will gradually restore".

Profit segment gaming & systems amounted to 916 million yen compared to a loss of 925 million yen in the june quarter of last year.

Source: inside asian gaming

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