Kosovo Plans To Introduce A Ban On Gambling

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February 8, 2022
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Because of the frequent cases of violence in kosovo, you plan to introduce a ban on gambling.

Kosovo plans to introduce a ban on gambling

At the extraordinary session of the kosovo parliament, the suspension of gembling operations on all gaming sites was approved. Despite the fact that at the moment the measures taken are temporary, in the future it is planned to introduce a full ban on gambling.

The initiator of the temporary ban was vldullava, the leader of the opposition party democratic kosovo league (dlk). The proposal unanimously supported 74 deputies.

The government did not lose time, and already on the day of the approval of a new order of customs, tax and law enforcement agencies coordinate efforts to ensure the immediate closure of ground gambling establishments. Presumably, a complete ban of gambling will not affect the lottery operations and sports betting.

According to preliminary information, the government plans to introduce new legislation prohibiting the gembling operations within 30 days. Prime minister ramush haradina approved a full ban on gambling, posing on his personal page on facebook a post that the government supports this measure.

The actions of the authorities were provoked by a surge of criminal activity around gambling. The kosovo government is not too concerned due to the loss of income from the gambling industry after the ban. This is explained by the fact that last year the deductions for the gambling tax amounted to €15.8 million.

According to official data, in early 2019, there were 293 gambling institutions in kosovo. It is also reported that the kosovo gambling industry has gained momentum after the introduction of a ban on gambling in neighboring albania.

Full ban on gambling in kosovo – sharp and unexpected measure, especially in the context of the fact that in january the ministry of finance approved «conceptual plan», who assumed the simplification of bureaucratic volokta associated with the development of the gambling sector. The document was signed with the purpose of creating new jobs and the development of the economy.

Recall that citizens of latvia made an initiative to introduce a ban on gambling.

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