Kovalchuk Called Picasso In The World Of Hockey, “Los Angeles” Need A Craftsman

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April 20, 2022
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Famous in the past hockey player «los angeles kings» jim fox explained the reasons for the incompatibility of kovalchuk and his club. Russian itself is ready to fight to the end. Read more in material.

Kovalchuk called Picasso in the world of hockey, 'Los Angeles' need a craftsman

Covalchuk statistics in nhl does not reflect his genius

One of the leaders of the russian national hockey team ilya kovalchuk is experiencing serious problems with gaming practice in its current club «los angeles kings». After the past mediocre season in the club this turns out even more unsuccessful. The team is in last place, and the russian can not show his best qualities – scored goals. Moreover, he has one of the lowest utility coefficients.

For this reason, he was derived from the main composition and the second match does not fall into the application. Is difficult to understand the reason for such a sharp deterioration of the game of one of the best russian hockey players. Some experts and players believe that coach wanted in this way «to wake» kovalchuk, call in it sports aggression so that he began to score again. Others see the element of some conspiracy in this. The american press, in turn, is already predicting a contract breaking with a russian star.

Ilya kovalchuk has likely played his last game with the la kings #gokingsgo #hockeytwitter https: // t.Co / owpuilj4hi

— puck prose (@puck_prose)
november 13, 2019

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Covalchuk Statistics in NHL Does Not Reflect His Genius

However, the former player «los angeles kings» and canada’s national team jim fox has its own version. In his opinion, the reason for the deterioration of kovalchuk’s results was not due to the fact that he was raised or lost his skills of the scoring striker, no. The problem lies in the incompatibility of the attacker and club. According to hockey player, ilya is too often trying to play creatively instead of a simpler and reliable solution.

Fox calls kovalchuk picasso, which is forced to draw in the coloring, bearing in mind that «kings» just not ready for creative at the moment, he needs a solid structure. Ilya will need to be adjusted to it, or it will not return to. Russian – this professional, and judging by his interview and the comment of the head coach, everything chan change for the player for the better in the near future.

Trainer la kings said that ilya was well laid out at a recent training session, and this good sign for both parties. In turn, kovalchuk declared that he was a professional who would not show emotions, he understands what situation the team, and ready to reach ice at any time, but the whole team.

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Alex iafallo buries the rebound off the wall to give the la kings the 3-2 win in overtime ????‍♂️????#gokingsgo pic.Twitter.Com / ch4aclospi

— la kings (@lakings)
november 15, 2019

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