Krasnodar’S Debut Eclipsed By The Match Zenit – Brugge: Let’S Sum Up The Start Of The Lg Start

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June 23, 2022
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Yesterday, october 20, at once two russian teams started in the group stage of the champions league: st. Petersburg «zenith» accepted «brugge», a debutant euroturnira «krasnodar» played on the road with «rens». Despite the fact that none of the russian teams did a victory yesterday, the situation in their groups differ radicle.

Krasnodar's Debut Eclipsed by The Match Zenit - Brugge: Let's Sum Up the Start Of The LG Start

Match «zenith» – «brugge» and «rennes» – «krasnodar»: we disassemble the matches of russians in lch

Let’s start with a smaller evil: in your debut match as part of the champions league group stage «krasnodar» played a draw counter «renna» – strong french team that was very close to victory.

This directly indicates the match statistics: «krasnodar» twice less shocks on the goal, the ownership of the ball is only 37%, the quality of the passes below is 10%, only three strikes in the target at seven at the opponent.

It affected than «black and green» we arrived in france without team leaders: wanderson was traumatized in the game with paoca, classone – in match against «rubin», and markov and kabella went to self-insulation due to the positive results of the test of coronavirus. The match was not even the head coach «bykov»: he was replaced by assistant arthur olenin, who supported the connection with musaev by phone.

Goluxer guests became a real hero of the match – matvey safonov, who made six beautiful savors. Many prestigious statistical resources appreciated the 21-year-old russian to the maximum possible score, noting his confidence and quick response in critical moments.

Fc Krasnodar

Since the parallel match of the e «chelsea» – «seville» also ended with a draw, but with a score of 0: 0, all teams quartet in the asset one point. The first in the group is still located «krasnodar».

In a separate material, we told more about how «krasnodar» went into his first champions league.

In the second match of russian teams in lch «zenith» – «brugge» it all happened less successful: piters were defeated with a score of 1: 2, skipping the second goal already in the end.

In all key aspects, the game turned out to be equal, but the realization played a bad joke with the russians – also three impacts in the target, and the only scored ball «zenita» became the player of the belgians itana croat. Even worse, the situation looked with defense: during the first missed goal, petersburgers chaotically moved and tried to repel all attempts to bonavent the ball into the gate, but the next rebound striker «brugge» taki used to use.

Oddly enough, but the missed goal added «zenit» speed ​​and pressure, and soon the russian team equalized the score: lelve organized everything so that the ball flew off from the back of the goalkeeper «brugge» right in the grid. Next, the peters continued to create moments, inspiring the fans and themselves to win, but in the end they did not save even a draw. On the right half-flank, the ball was too easy to get ritssa, who gave a pass to de kethelare. 19-year-old midfielder rustled in a semi-empty gate «zenita» and brought «brugge» victory on the third minute.

FC Zenit

In another match of the group f «lazio» cooled «borussia» with a score of 3: 1 so far «zenith» there is a third: due to the defeat with a big difference between the balls, dortmundsy took the last line.

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