Kuznetsov Returned And Became A Star, Ovechkin Hits Records

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April 19, 2022
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Evgeny kuznetsov, after disqualification, trying to prove their professionalism. What hockey player has to pay off and how he did it this night – read in the material.

Kuznetsov Returned and Became A Star, OVECHKIN HITS RECORDS

«Washington capitals» in this season – the brightest team of nhl. Each match «metropolitan» – this is a real drama, which often ends with an appliance or crazy cambacies. You can already with confidence to say that this season «caps» seriously configured to take trophies.

Butat difficulty, of course, it does not do. Meeting with «arizona» i just became such a test that almost managed to overcome the team, where russians of ovechkin, kuznetsov, orlov and samsonov played. Hockey players seriously complicated their lives, having missed three unrequited washers at the 21st minute. Other teams might be broken after such a start, but not the current «washington».

The scandal with cocaine did not break evgenia kuznetsova

The Scandal With Cocaine Did Not Break Evgenia Kuznetsova

Evgeny kuznetsov volunteered for the role of the hero, who, after a recent scandal and disqualification, tries to catch the missed and fill reputational losses.

About the scandal with evgeny and about who supported him in a difficult moment, you can read in our article. If short – previously, representatives of the relevant authorities found cocaine kuznetsov. Career athlete was threetened.

Return to the game and try to reanimate. He distinguished himself twice – on the 29th and 43rd minute, – proving that «caps» can still win this meeting. For this perfomance, the russian after the match was recognized as the second star of the day in the nhl.

In the very end of the meeting «metropolitan» were able to compose an account and translate a duel to overtime. Drawn jay oshi, and alexander ovechkin took part in the head attack, which earned his next point. It allowed «ovi» go to 39th place in the nhl history on earned points. In this component he bypassed his «eternal rival» – sydney crosby. On the account of the attacker now the magic figure – 1234 points, for this result he needed 1103 matches.

About 666 goals and the next record of alexander we we wrote in a separate material.

Unfortunately, after gorgeous cambake forces on overtime «capitals» already not enough, and they failed the extra cut and smeared the shootouts. And o «washington» our attempts were not implemented by both author scored heads – ty jay oshi and evgeny kuznetsov. But despite this, «metropolitan» still the common tournament table.

Earlier we wrote about a small crisis «washington capitals», which they already survived.

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