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January 6, 2022
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Today, december 15, in the palace of sports in kyiv there is an international tournament for mixed martial arts wwfc 13.

Kyiv Palace of Sports will take the Cup of Ukraine on MMA WWFC 13
Content: 1. International tournament for mixed martial arts wwfc 132. Wwfc cup in ukraine

International tournament for mixed martial arts wwfc 13

Wwfc 13 – this is a title tournament that holds one of the largest combined martial arts organizations in the cis world warriors fighting championship.

All fans of mixed martial arts are waiting for 10 battles in the evening:


Weight category


Alexey polishchuk (2-2, ukraine)

Vladislav semenstsov (1-1, ukraine)

Up to 61 kg

Eduard lazarevich (2-0, belarus)

Rabel sabirli (3-3, ukraine)

Up to 66 kg

Igor goncharov (3-2, ukraine)

Denis bondar (6-2, ukraine)

Up to 57 kg

Hara dimitrul (2-4, greece)

Alice danyuk (1-0, ukraine)

Up to 55 kg

Alexander insuratestel (6-2, moldova)

Ali husseynov (6-1, ukraine)

Up to 66 kg

Morgan sharrier (13-6, france)

Marco kovachevich (9-2, switzerland)

Up to 66 kg

Moktar benkisi (16-7, france)

Ruslan hazhmurzaev (3-0, ukraine)

Up to 63 kg

Felipe da silva maya (5-1, brazil)

Magomed oznoviev (7-0, austria)

Up to 66 kg

Felipe salvador nsui ayuongo (11-18, spain)

Igor loss (11-2, ukraine)

Up to 93 kg

Mikhail pasternak (13-3, poland)

Roman dolidze (5-0, ukraine / georgia)

Up to 93 kg

The main match of this evening – fight for world champion title according to wwfc weight up to 93 kg. For the right to be called the wwfc champion in a light heavyweight weight, pole mikhail pasternak and georgian-ukrainian athlete roman dolidze will compete.

Michael – an experienced fighter, sport 16 fights in mixed martial arts and gave way only three times. The last time on the battle 34-year-old pasternak went out in march of this year in the tournament in the uk, where he defeated another polish athlete ireneush choleva. He owns good wrestling and shock appliances.

To confront him will be the current champion of the organization 30-year-old roman dolidze. The fighter was born in georgia, but for a long time he lives and trains in odessa. The athlete does not have such a big track record in mma, but at the moment there are 5 fights at his account and he all finished early. Roman is considered one of the strongest grapplers of europe. In his comment, he expressed confidence that he would be able to complete the fight after.

Vocabulary tournament

Wwfc cup in ukraine

According to the portal fightmatrix, wwfc – best in ukraine promotion in mixed martial arts. Before the upcoming competition, league held 12 tournaments – 9 in ukraine, 2 in moldova and 1 in france. This year, kyiv has already taken two large-scale events in march and june. The league includes 9 weight division: from «minimal» (up to 52.2 kg) to «heavy» (up to 120.2 kg). Fights pass through the unified mma rules, the usual fights lasting three rounds for five minutes, and the champion – five rounds.

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