Lampard Held The First Match At The Chelsea Chapter: Conclusions To Do Early (Video)

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March 16, 2022
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Frank lampard arrival on coaching bridge «chelsea» most fans perceed with joy. Surely, many have already imagined repetitions of zidan’s way with guardioles performed by legend «blue». But already the first match with the englishman at the helm gave to understand – just not. More details – in material.

Lampard Held The First Match at the Chelsea Chapter: Conclusions to Do Early (Video)

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Rovely a week ago london «chelsea» announced the appointment of the head coach of the legend of his club – frank lampard. An englishman during his player’s career sport 13 seasons for fc and fell in love with all fans «aristocrats». Frank’s proposal to head the team has become a real holiday for his admirs and good reinsurance before the potentially failed season.

More about the negotiations and signing of the lampard’s contract with «chelsea» in separate material.

It’s all about the transfer bath that received «pensioners» due to the violation of the rules of financial fair play. In the deprived of the opportunity to conduct new purchases, the club did not want to move on no coach entering the description «top». But guide «chelsea» found a way out that must satisfy all. In case of failure (if it is not completely capital) «blue» fans forgive lampard, and the management will remain as if.

He is not necessary to win the submarine, do it for the current «manchester city» and «liverpool» almost impossible. The positive outcome of the season will be hit by the lch, but even the europa league will come down, it will be an important number of victories on a home stadium, which is traditionally considered a fortress «blue».

That’s just everything will be, but for now you need to wait. Frank is just a week in a new position and has already sport the first match for which he received a portion of criticism. Rival «chelsea» he became irish «bohemian». All expected a conditional account 7: 0 in favor of the british, but the duel ended in a draw 1: 1. Nude for «chelsea» misha batshuaia distinguished himself.

Batsman! [email protected] was the man to bag our first goal of pre-season!#cfcindublin pic.Twitter.Com / 4fcwwrbb1r

— chelsea fc (@chelseafc)
july 11, 2019.

Interestingly, last season misha could play for «monaco», but the club preferred heads. Read more in special material.

Is it possible to raise anxiety because of this? Of course not. According to the british daily mail, frank has now 35 people. On this match, 22 came to the application, and each of them came out on the field. One of the purposes of destination lamppard was the integration of talented youth from the academy to the main composition. In «derby» he proved that he knows how to do it, there is a feeling that it will work out here.

Frank, to put it mildly, not a stupid guy. No wonder on the results of the test on iq, he falls into the category «genius or almost genius» with the amount more than 150 points. So after the game he admitted that he was satisfied and praised a number of young football players. Do not require lampard from the first days of loud victories. Each coach needs time to get acquainted with the wards and to explain their ideas.

???? Here’s what the boss had to say after yesterday’s draw in ireland… #cfcindublin

— chelsea fc (@chelseafc)

july 11, 2019.

Earlier we wrote that employees «barcelona» did not receive a salary on time due to the transfer of grismanna.

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