Large Betting Operator Disables A Platform Oriented To Germany

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April 27, 2022
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The largest british online betting operator bet365 is preparing to close a platform oriented on german users. Measure is necessary to bring the company’s activities in accordance with the new legislative requirements of jurisdiction.

Large Betting Operator Disables A Platform Oriented to Germany

The week it became known that representatives of bet365 reported to their affiliates that from december 30, the operator terminates to provide services to german users. The email is requested to cancel the broadcast of all types of product advertising in german. At the same time, representatives of the company claim that the online sports betting platform will be available to austrian users.

Accordance work of the indestry, approved in the spring of the a industry, aproved in the spring of 16 german lands, companies providing online betting services have the right to apply for licenses. The latter will be valid until july 1, 2021. Presumably, before specified date, legislators will be able to approve the regulatory regulation on an ongoing basis.

At the german market will have to face serious restrictions, including the prohibition of remote operations.

In july, the regional council of darmstadt (hesssen) advised potential licensees of the market to refrain from providing unauthorized services to german users. The requirement was expressed again in november of this year. The minister of internal affairs of the earth hessen confirmed the information that the licensing authority did not receive a single application. Peter beat added that operators providing services will be pursued permission will be pursued in court.

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Some of the operators were confused due to the misunderstanding of what exactly the grandilage was installed in – january 1, 2020: as the date of the launch of the rules of temporary regulation or the beginning of the licensing process.

There is also the likelihood of german regulation, some of the operators decided to ignore the ultimatum of the authorities and wait for the introduction of a permanent regime of industry regulation.

It should also be noted that representatives of german lands differ strongly in opinions as to which there must be permanent regulation. Hessen, schleswig-holstein and rhineland-palatinate advocate for liberal conditions. In their opinion, the creation of a market with more free rules will reduce the volume of the shadow market of the country’s sports betting.

Recall that the number of ground gambling institutions of germany is declining.

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