Las Vegas Casino Visitors Will Oblige To Follow The Principles Of Social Distances

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May 30, 2022
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Renewing the work of the casino in las vegas afterced closure due to the coronavirus pandemic will be associated with special requirements for visitors and owners of gambling establishments. In particular, guests will oblige to keep the social distance behind the tables with tape measure and card games, as well as in the halls of slot machines.

It is expected that the will at once 35 hotels with casinos will resume on may 22, however, to restoreting to experts, will take at least a few months. This is due, including, with restrictions that are entered for the players who come to vegas.

Medical thermal violars will be installed in large hotels and when the guests are detected with high temperatures, it will be asked to seek medical attention. In some institutions, the introduction of the mask is not excluded. Industry representatives believe that it will force a part of the tourists to postpone the city visit.

Report on current state of affairs in las vegas was shown in the "time" program on the first channel. In it, the correspondent george olisashvili, answering the question of the correspondent george olisashvili, exclaims: "who will come to wear masks and gloves? No one goes to rest in the laboratory!".

At the same time, the entertainment complexes and the exhibition halls will be closed at least until july, and in the casino themselves at the guest of the consil for gambling games nevada for the tables for the next to assemble to six people, and blackjack tables will be calculated for a maximum of three players. Owners of gambling establishments will oblige regular disinfect chips, playing cards, bones and other props.

Against this background, famous las vegas casino hotels reduce accommodation prices to attract guests. So, the cost of living collection and taxes in the new york – new york is now starting only from $ 29 per night, sahara hotel is $ 76, a little less than 100 in treasure island and caesars palace and in one of the most famous hotels vegas bellagio – from 139 dollars.

Las vegas casino were closed due to the unfavorable epidemiological situation on march 19, 2020. Such an order issued the governor of nevada steve sisolak. It was expected that the sectial regime would last wouthin a month.

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