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May 27, 2022
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From june 1, las vegas casino is open again. Representatives of the industry lay high hopes for renewing institutions, visitors crowd at the entrances, and some casinos work only during the day. More details – in material.

Las Vegas resumed work: people in queues and daytime work

One of the central locations of world gambling, las vegas, again fully opened its doors to gambling lovers. Local casinos were closed on march 17 of this year.

According to representatives of the sector, the past few months have set an unprecedented problem in the city: both for citizens and directly for operators. Now the staff returned to work.

The media reports that the buildings of some gambling facilities were collected queues from those who want to go inside. In mandatory, everyone checks the temperature at the entrance, dealers and other employees wear protective maxi and gloves. Indition, among new measures – disinfion of gambling bones, restriction of the number of people behind the tables, contactless checks of cell phones.

Some establishments have resumed work only during the daytime, despite the rather critical nature of such a decision. To this, the operator of wynn resorts in support of the death of george floyd in minnesota.

The regulatory council required detailed health safety plans from resort owners, before giving permission to re-open.

Operators express high hopes for recovery after unprecedented and rather destructive quarantine period. At the same time, it is noted that the rise of the industry will be quite long and slow. The consequences of quarantine are equal to the critical moment of terrorist attacks on september 11.

By april, unemployment in las vegas reached 28.2%, exceeding the indicators in any state even during the great depression. Casino winnings were close to zero.

The largest casino operators, mgm resorts and caesars entertainment, will not immediately open their establishments. Managers consider it necessary to see how popular services will be.

Recall, from the beginning of may, sports bets were launched in las vegas.

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