Last Match Zidan In Real Madrid: “Galatasaray” Can Finish A Coach Career

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April 14, 2022
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Today, october 22, the champions league match between istanbul will take place in turkey «galatasaram» and madridsky «realom». According to the spanish press, the result of the fight may affect the future of zidan as a coach «royal club». Read more in our announcement of the game.

Last Match Zidan in Real Madrid: 'Galatasaray' can finish a coach career

«Galatasarai» – «real»: forecast disappointing for zidan

Returning zinyin zidan to the post of head coach of madrid «real» promised hope that after the failed season under the guidance of lopegegi and solari «creamy» returned to the top. How-no, with french «galaktikos» three times won the champions league, and the uefa super cup, the world cup and super cup of spain. In the summer, eden azar, yovich, mehndi, militao were bought in the european grand. But the autumn began, and the club results shows weak.

In the champions league now «real» it takes the last place with one point in the asset, and in the spanish championship in the last round lost at the end of the table «mallorca». In this regard, the scenario that the frenchman dismisses, looks increasingly realistic. Moreover, according to the spanish edition of marca, which is based on insides from «royal club», in case of lesion, the upcoming game against «galatasaray» can become for zidan last.

At first glance it may seem that the upcoming duel «blancos» must click like a nut, because in the application, in contrast to the game «mallorca», croex and carvachal came back after the injury, as well as azar, who missed the game in the example because of the birth of a fourth child. That’s just what’s the point in this, if zidan continues to play very primitive football, which is easily cutting even «mallorca».

«Galatasarai» at home – pretty formidable power. Yes, now the istanbul team goes just the sixth in the championship, but last year she celebrated the championship in the super league and probably driven by his fans will cause problems «royal club».

Zidan in a recent interview said he wants to work in «real» until the end of the career and it’s commendable. That’s just florentino perez, as pactice shows, is not ready to wait and couples without trophies and positive results. And while zinyen is trying to reach his old guard, reminding the past merit, jose mourinho does not release the phone out of the hands waiting for a call with a proposal to work.

About the possible return of jose in «real» we wrote in a sparate material.

Earlier, we we wrote about the results of the 13th round in the rfpl.

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