Latin America Shows A High Level Of Socially Responsible Betting

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July 25, 2022
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Alexander tolokonnikov, an expert on latin american countries, told on his blog to «commmits.Yua» about how the countries of the region demonstrate an exemplary example of competed legalization of gambling business. The main news of bookmakers see in our section.

Latin America Shows a High Level Of Socially Responsible Betting

According to the expert, the bookmakers in latin america not only sponsor large-scale sports events, but also invest invest in promoting a healthy lifestyle, as well as in the medical sphere and other humanitarian areas. The revolutionary among the states of latin america is colombia, where a civilized relationship between the government and the gambling segment has already been established, which leads to a mutually beneficial partnership. Colombian federation of businessmen gambling fecoljuegos and asojuegos are actively involved in solving social issues.

Colombian’s betting organizations financial accompany sporting events, and on their donations, charitable funds are opened for those who need. For example, social fund «dreams of life» it has care for children of preschool age in the fields of health, education, nutrition and psychology. Every year, the fund receive over 280 children and provides financial support for 30 families. For all the time of work, and this is almost 15 years old, the foundation donated over $ 14 billion and helped over 3,000 families.

Interestingly, in 2020, the organization grupo empresarial en línea sa (gelsa), serving a member of colombia businessmen union in a gambling segment (asojuegos) and owning the paga todo brand, donated about $ 460 thousand. His staff in bogota, which, due to the covid-19 epidemic, have fallen into a critical situation.


In argentina, la lotería de río negro in april of this year presented a number of shares in honor of the national day of social responsibility. Plus, within the framework of its own program «do not play with health» the company systematically informs the local population about the responsible game. And in 2020 she sent $ 116 million in different charity funds:

  • Over 77 million sent to health and education;
  • 10 million left fireman;
  • 7 million is aimed at social development;
  • Rest – in the development of culture, tourism, sports and other spheres.

In brazil, gambling segment only recently left the shadows. According to preliminary calculations of the government, the collection from legal sports rates will be $ 1.5 billion. One of the first steps for operators – become recognizable for the population and cooperate with football clubs. Professional football financing is currently 60% sponsorship support. Total with various bcs are mutually benefit, 25 teams both first and second division.

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