Latvia Is Looking For Way Out: Income Or Health Nation

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August 9, 2022
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Disputes about the feasibility of the ubiquitous locibility of gambling houses in latvia have not ceased for many years. Self-government, including the metropolitan, often opposes the placement on its territory casino. About how the legalization of gambling business in ukraine is going on, read on our website.

Latvia IS Looking for Way Out: Income or Health Nation

On the one hand, the gambling houses fill the budget and on the other – in small cities and in historical centers, where everyone is near, they are very close to educational institutions. Even the legal conflict arose, the example of which the kekavsky region became: his power was completely legal for the placement of the casino on its territory, despite the resolution of the central regulatory authorities.

In this regard, the question arises to create a peculiar gambling centers in the baltic resorts and abandoned military towns. However, such decisions at the level of municipal authorities cannot be solved – lux infrastructure creation costs expensive.

The country’s authorities are making measures to work with problem gambling, but all of them are not effective for a complete struggle with the dependence of citizens from gambling.

At the same time, more and more casino lovers move on the internet, including because to track the game and the profit is almost impossible, and theraefore, pay taxes not necessarily.

Prata speks prata speks leader – «the power of the mind» – igor kuzmuk leans to the fact that the government of abandoned remote areas for creating exactly there of gambling zones and transfer of a casino from settlements, including from riga. In his opinion, it will be possible to preserve and revenue into the budget and the health of the nation.

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