Latvian Casino Complain About Discrimination And Go To Look For Support In The European Commission

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August 15, 2022
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The latvian cabinet decided to extend the action that prohibits the operation of gambling establishments in connection with the pandemic. The state of emergency in the country was announced on october 11, and since then the work of the gembling business was completely stopped. The industry is outraged by the actions of the authorities and the lack of compensatory mechanisms that would allow operators to cope with serious damage.

Latvian Casino Complain About Discrimination and Go to Look for Support in the European Commission
Content: 1. Influence of a pandemic on the gambling industry of latvia2. What promised the latvian authorities gambling operators3. Whether it comes to the european commission

Influence of a pandemic on the gambling industry of latvia

According to the official data of the gambling market, there are currently 17 companies in the country market that organize the work of land and virtual casinos, gambling halls. The industry provides 2712 jobs.

After a break associated with the first pandemic wave, in mid-june 2021, only 63 rooms were able to resume work, which is 22% of all licenses issued in the country. Also, one casino returned to work, in which 19 tables – this is 27% of the total game equipment, which was in operation in decept 2020.

Complication of epiditational in the country forced the casino, gambling and bingo halls, rates receiving. Re-banage began to work oktober 21.

What promised the latvian authorities to gambling operators

Initially, the ban on receiving guests, introduced on october 21, was supposed to last less than a month – until november 15. However, the authorities during the meeting on november 9 decided to earlier decision and not to open the doors of gambling establishments for visitors.

Representatives of the gambling market were indignant by a similar solution, calling it illegal. The latvian association of gambling (laib) statedt that enterprises of other industries that are ready to create safe conditions for guests were allowed to resume work. In addition, government business support mechanisms were scheduled only until november 15. Gambling establishments were preparing to resume work, did not interrupt labor contracts and counted on the quick discovery.

Laib also focused on the fact that such a decision is contrary «emergency law», in which it is argued that any decisions that are accepted in such circumstances should be reasonable and dictated by security for residents of the state. Representatives of the organization are confident that the authorities did not argued the ban on the work of gambling business. After all, while the gambling halls, which per day take 10-15 visitors, will be closed, in the country they allowed mass events in which up to 500 people can participate.

Whether it comes to the european commission

Whether It Comes to the European Commission

Industry representatives are confident that the decision to prohibit the work of gambling operators is dictated by political reasons. For the same reasons, the government did not accept the mechanisms of compensation for damage in the gambling industry, although business from other areas received compensation support. As a result, not only gambling operators suffer, but also workers associated with gambling enterprise enterprises, the country’s economy as a whole.

Arnis nimes, president laib, noted that the association is considering a conversion to the european commission to fix the fact of discrimination against legal gambling business in latvia.

We remind you that self-limitation is becoming increasingly popular in latvia, which allows players to close access to gambling entertainment. Today, more than 16 thousand are recorded in the list. Persons who voluntarily made their names in the register ludomanov.

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