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April 19, 2022
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Latvian gambling regulator in the face of the inspection on the supervision of lottery and gambling (iaui) warned fans of the game in the lottery about the importance of operator check before buying tickets. Only in this way you can minimize the risk to get to the fake lottery or online fraudster.

Latvian gambling regulator warns fake lotteries

Regulatory authority said that even despite the fact that fraudsters conducted by fake lottery, it is almost impossible to identify, the players themselves can seek a number of specific features to assist iaui in defining fraudulent schemes.

Iaui clarifies that usually fraudsters contact players by email and phone to inform them that those allegedly won the lottery. However, it is worth remembering that with the real winnings of the operator, in addition to general information, also warn of taxes that will be deducted from winning, pay for the opening of the account and commission for the transfer.

According to the information provided by iaui, it becomes clear that in most cases the prize announced is fraud if «winner» did not accept conscious participation in the lottery. It is possible that fraudsters can also bind through such publicly available servers as gmail.Com or hotmail.Com.

In emails from suspicious sources it is important to pay attention to grammar and spelling. For example, if serious errors are made in latvian language, it is likely that the text translation was performed through a computer program, and the sender of the message is a fraudster.

Fraudsters contact players by email and phone

As for the current participants of the lottery, it im important that in contacting by phone or via email. And. About. Or winning ticket number. Thus, the participant will be able to check the accuracy of the information.

Iaui clarifies that in a lottery controlled by the state, the winner should not pay prize taxes or commision for transferring money until the prize will receive. Theraefore, it not recommended to send your personal data, bank account details and money to unknown persons.

This warning came out after it was found that 127 people already have access to the state-funded service for psychological support for people with gambling issues related to.

Launched iaui in july, the initiative is aimed at providing free psychological support to victim players, as well as their families and friends. During the first four months, iaui held 12 free sessions for players having problems with gambling addiction, and five more sessions for their relative and friends.

Recall, us citizens leave the lottery winnings more often than citizens of the russian federation.

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