Latvian Revenues From Gambling Market Decreased By 26%

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June 13, 2022
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According to the ministry of finance of latvia, in the first half of 2021, the state treasury received from the local branch of gambling entertainment by 26% less than in the previous period. Is notic ended on june 30, a total of 7 million euros were collected from representatives of the latvian sphere of gambling. It about € 16 million less than laid in terms.

Currently, 17 operators are officially licensed on the territory of latvia. They have the right to organize and conduct gambling. Ten of them – casino and slot machine halls. According to statistics, almost 3,000 employees are employed in this sector, which strongly influenced the ongoing pandemic covid-19.

"If you look at the results of the past six most popular online casinos and other participants in the gambling market worked a total of 16 days," said the executive director of lottery monitoring and gambling games bearna.

"This affects the general results. Unlike last year, when interactive games were not available for about two monhs, in this the market worked without a break. The reports also see that the lion’s share of the total revenue of this industry for the six-monodeod was provided by online entertainment, "added the function.

So, according to janis tregershouse, a member of the latvian society of the interactive gambling and the demand for services of gambling sites on the internet for the reporting period increased by only 5%.

"A similar tendency is growing. If you compare today’s statistics with the last quarter in front of the gambling market of latvia has decreased by two thirds. It is very important. Those who played earlier, now for different reasons can not afford it. The drop in the indicator can be called significant, "tregers said.

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