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April 13, 2022
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The news that the launch of the electronic currency from telegram can be postponed, an unusual way appeared on the cryptocurrency market. The claim filed in the united states.

Launch Taken Telegram and Its Effect Other Cryptocurrency

The originality of the situation is that there is no uniform response to the message, opposite – the speaker varied depending on the specific e-currency.

The course of the first and main cryptocurrency – bitcoin – slightly grown and amounted to $ 8353 (+ 0.24%). According to libertex, capitalization is based on $ 150.6 billion.

Ethereum, the cost of which was $ 185.8, went up by 1.09%, and capitalization was recorded at $ 20.1 billion. An additional favorable factor for the growth of the electronic currency price has become the fact that the zcash team announced the creation of a token for the ethereum blockcha.

Xrp followed by ethereum and bitcoin and raised in price to $ 0,2962 (+ 2.49%). Capitalization of the electronic currency amounted to $ 12.7 billion. But litecoin was out of a slim series and stated a decline by 0.4%. Its price was $ 56.6, and capitalization – $ 3.6 billion.

It is significant that the total capitalization of the cryptocurrency market was $ 226.9 billion.

According to analysts, in the near future, the market can change the vector and demonstrate growth, despite the negative news. In this case, the cost of bitcoin is predicted at $ 8500, ethereum will cost $ 187, xrp will reach $ 0.3, and litecoin – $ 57.

Recall that representatives of the central bank were walked to the emergence of electronic currencies from world giants telegram and facebook. Russian financiers warn their customers to be vigilant and do not exclude fraudulent action.

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