Lawyers Of The Bp Of Ukraine Pointed Out For Flaws In The Bill

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April 15, 2022
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On the official website of the verkhovna rada, a conclusion was published in which scientific and expert government refased law on the legalization of gembling business.

Lawyers of the BP of Ukraine Pointed Out for Flaws in the Bill

During the draft law, the staff of scientfic and expert management drew attention to the item relatition to the choice of category 5 * hotels as special zones for hosting gambling. In the office, it is argued that this is not included in the generally accepted concept of such zones.

Lawyers note that for the prevention of the harmful influence of gembling on the put slot machines must be put specifically in casino institutions, but not in certain gaming halls. The draft law shows that slot machines are put in specially designated premises for this.

Also in conclusion of management there are clarifications that stack machine, as well as the gaming machine belong to the gaming equipment. In this regard, it will be more correct not to license them, assed in the bill and certify. This also applies to bookmakers. Also lawyers emphasize that the license may be issued to the type of economic activity, but not for game equipment.

Agia zagrebelskaya, the former state-owned amcu earlier, said that the main motive of the legalization of gambling should be the protection of the interests of society and not replenishment of the country’s budget. In her opinion, if the process of legalizing the gambling business will be carried out incorrectly, the outcome will be harmful to the population.

Recall, boris kushniruk pointed to a mistake in the bill of gambling of ukraine.

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