Lazio Vs Milan: Forecast For The Match February 26, Italian Cup

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January 31, 2022
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On tuesday, february 26, the first match of the cup of italy between the cup in rome will be held at the olympic stadium in rome «lazio» and «milan».

Lazio VS Milan: Forecast for the Match February 26, Italian Cup
Content: 1. «Lazio» she strives for trophy2. «Milan» armed with pyntack and very dangerous3. Forecast bookmakers on the match «lazio» – «milan»3.One. Bwin coefficients.Ru3.2. Bc coefficients «league rates»
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bk "league rates"

Last year, these clubs have already met at the same stage of the cup. For two fights, the rivals could not hit each other’s gate, and everything decided in a series of penalty, where the nerves were better from «rossoneri». This season, the clubs have already met, and again their fight ended in a draw.

«Lazio» she strives for trophy

The team that is led by simone indzagge since 2016, – a good and coordinated mechanism, but, unfortunately for the fans of the roman club, trophies bypass them (alone only the super cup of italy in 2017). Butt, objectively, when taking into account the financial capabilities of the club, which are significantly inferior to italian grandmates, «lazio» shows excellent results.

In this season «eagles» already flew out of the europa league, on which, apparently, did not make a very big bet, because the preferred to focus on the fight in the series and for the italian cup. On the confrontation of s «milan» wards induses will be configured in a special. First, in memory there is still a fresh departure last season, and secondly, winning «rossoneri» romans will have excellent chances for conquering trophy. Cause – in another semifinals fight «atalanta» and «fiorentina», and for the first time in many years there is no among the applicants «juventus».

«Milan» armed with pyntack and very dangerous

But no less dreams of victory in the cup and «milan», who already missed one chance to get a trophy, losing «juve» in super cup. Now «devils» armed with an amazing polyask kshyshto pentext, which passed this winter from «jenoa» and already distinguished for the club six times in five games. At the moment it is the best transfer hit for a long time.

In the quarterfinal «rossoneri» beat «napoli», and in the last match of the championship defeated «atalanta». «Milan» with each game, confidence inherent in the great club. However, still far from iteal. «Red-black» – direct mapping of its coach jennaro gattuzo: impulsive and charged on the struggle. Players are ready to fight and cleing to the ball, apply dozens of bows, but there is no tactical delight in their game. From this confrontation with the exact opposite «lazio», fully coaching club, looks particularly interesting.

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Forecast bookmakers on the match «lazio» – «milan»

Bookmakers in the match «lazio» – «milan» do not predict the absolute favorite of the meeting. The coefficients only with a slight margin indicate the best chances «orlov». In many ways, this is due to a domestic character.

Bwin coefficients.Ru

  • «Lazio» – 2.45;
  • «Milan» – 2.8;
  • Draw – 3,3.

Bc coefficients «league rates»

  • «Lazio» – 2.Five;
  • «Milan» – 2.8;
  • Draw – 3,4.

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