Legal Bookmakers And Sports In Uzbekistan: How To Benefit

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April 20, 2022
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Industry expert yuri fedorov shared his thoughts on how the russian experience of the legalization of betting in uzbekistan could be applied.

Legal Bookmakers and Sports in Uzbekistan: How to Benefit

Yuri fedorov in the past headed the national association of bookmakers, and was also known as the organizer of large boxing fights. According to the expert, the russian experience of legalization of sports rates can be useful for the development of sports in uzbekistan.

The problems were raised against the background of the proposal on the legalization of betting in uzbekistan. Presumably, the market can earn in 2021. Fedorov believees that russia – a successful example of the edfective interaction of bookmakers and sports organizations, which ultimately leads to the flourishing of the latter.

The specialist statedt that russia also passed the process of becoming a bookmaker business, but at the moment the industry is deducted in favor of sports billions of rubles, and individual companies support and act as sponsors of sports federations or teams. Fedorov believees that these measures allow us to financial sports sports.

With regard to the fight against contractual matches, the expert notes that this problem exists around the world, and the bookmaker companies are watching the fraulent practice to be widespread. It is significant that it is the bc in this situation are the affected party.

Fedorov explains that bookmakers exchange statistical data and / or forecasts. If the dynamics of rates sharply diverges with the logical course of things – this is a reason to look at the situation in order to identify fraud attempts.

Recall that kazakhstan’s bookmakers supported the idea of ​​creating a legal market for sports rates in neighboring uzbekistan.

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