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April 19, 2022
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Representatives of the legal gambling industry of sweden believe that due to excessry’s tight regulation, the industry’s development may be at risk.

Legal Gambling Industry Sweden under threat

No doubt, competent regulation can allow the industry to develop organically and, most importantly, ensure the proper level of consumer rights. However, the mic equipment is gembling, according to experts, may be counterproductive.

This idea wishes to convey to the knowledge of the ignoal regulator swedish association of online gambling (branschföreningen för onlinespel, bos). According to the organization, mic equipment already leads to an outflow of users in favor of illegal elements of the gambling market.

Bos published its warning in response to the publication of the country’s gambling regulator – spelinspektionen – updated information about the work of the gembling industry in the country. According to the latter, licensed operators control only 85-87% of the gambling market, the rest relates to the shadow segment.

The government believes that within the limits of permissible is the situation at which more than 90% of the market is under licensee. For their part, they declare that it will be difficult to achieve a similar indicator of the legitimate industry due to the rigor of the rules established by the gambling regulator.

In the near future, gembling advertising and rates for events may be prohibited in the country

However, the licensees are further alarmed by the statements of representatives of spelinspektionen, indicating plans to further tighten the rules of work. So, it is known that in the near future in the country can be prohibited by gembling advertising and rates for events, the outcome of which can be resolved due to the actions of one person. Means stakes on corner, penalty and presence or absence of penalty cards in football.

According to gustav hoffstetedta, bos secretary general, tightening the rules of the industry becomes a tendency. Already, no one pays attention to the astronomical dimensions of fines that are forced to pay gambling operators. He adds that the ban on attracting customers using marketing in fact means the delivery of the industry to the shadow segment.

If the trend does not change in the near future, the players will look close to alternatives – illegal operators.

Recall: according to official data, the revenue of the swedish online gambling industry in the third quarter of the current year decreased by 3.4%.

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