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January 13, 2022
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After the cancellation of paspa by the supreme court, many states became seriously thinking about the possibility of legalizing sports betting. Most recently, iowa, kansas and nebraska joined them.

Legalization of Betting In The USA: Nebrash

In nebraska, as in many other states, discusses the possibility of legalizing sports betting, but not everyone speaks in support of the distribution of gambling. Experts want to warn legislators about the hazards associated with the legalization of betting.

«Gambling cause people addictive. And this is an extremely difficult social problem that can affect many american», – david heyer, director of a helping program for gambling.

Such discussions began after the us supreme court removed the ban on sports betting in may last year. This topic can be the most discussed in the state, especially on the legislative session of the 2019.

Adherents of opinion that betting should have legalized, believe that tax deductions from gambling can replenish the state treasury. However, the governor of nebraski pete ricketts previously stated that it does not believe that the staff loses a lot by refusing to the legalization of betting.

«Gambling introduce with them the problems of a social character to spend three times more than you can get in the form of tax deductions. In nebraska, at the moment, the legalization of sports betting is not planned», – added government.

At the draft law, regulating fantasy-sport in nebrask, was not accepted.

Recall tat in september last year, the local tribe, together with the equestrian association, made efforts to conduct a referendum in order to legalize the casino in the state.

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